Energy Counselling

Energy Counselling is taking the best of both worlds of Talk therapy and Metaphysics to tackle your current issues, obstacles or challenges. In these sessions Clients take the lead by discussing what it is they are currently dealing with and trying to overcome in life, and by applying the knowledge from Metaphysics and using tools of divination, together we navigate the issue at hand.

Sessions are approximately 60 - 90 minutes are held via Phone, and available appointment times will be offered to you to choose from after your payment is received.

Topics that usually require Energy Counselling include, but are not limited to: Relationship Issues, Loss of A Loved One, Challenges of Physical Wellness, Breaking toxic patterns & behaviours, Career struggles, Self Worth & Esteem Issues, Financial Concerns.

Energy Counselling is for those who would like to have a therapeutic approach to life's challenges using the Guidance of the Spirit realm, Astrology, Tarot, Energy Healing, and Dream Analysis.

Email Money Transfer also accepted: Use ENERGY as the password/answer. Please include your email address in the message of your transfer.

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Energy Coaching

If you are currently facing a transition and adjustment in your life, or just ready to start your healing chapter, what better way to get aligned with your inner power than with Energy Coaching. It’s like having a Psychic best friend/Life Coach walk every step of the way with you from your old reality into your new. Energy Coaching is very much like Life Coaching, except I factor in your elemental makeup, your birth chart, your current energetic state, and I use the guidance from Spirit to help you get your power back.

1 Month Option: Upon booking your Energy Coaching package, you will receive a short questionnaire to fill out to get the process started. You will then receive an email containing appointment times to choose from. No need to wait very long to get this journey started. Once you select your appointment time, we will jump on our initial consultation phone call where we can get to know each other, validate your current circumstance with channeled messages from Spirit, define your goals and objectives, and get a really good look at where the healing needs to take place. Because I’m in constant contact with the Spirit realm, we will be divinely guided to the underlying issue very quickly. This 60 -90 minute phone consultation will end with a game plan. You will begin receiving guidance and exercises right away. You will also receive Weekly Insights that will give you a heads up for the week to come. You get direct access to me via email or text for any kind of pep talks needed or guidance required as you navigate your month. As we work through the energy of the month, you will feel more powerful and aligned with yourself, making better decisions that honour your Soul and cultivate your Spirit. At the end of the month, we will jump back on the phone to review all that has transpired and to evaluate where you are headed to according to your Psychic Insights.

3 Month Option: The 3 month option includes everything from the 1 month option PLUS we get to re-balance your energy centers (chakras) as we devote specific weeks to strengthening each chakra. The 3 month option will include multiple energy healing sessions (remote) to get your mind, body, and soul aligned with your new higher vibration, as well as 2 additional phone sessions over the course of the 3 month Energy Coaching schedule.


Email Money Transfer also accepted: Use ENERGY as the password/answer. Please include your email address in the message of your transfer.

Booking Options