Today In The Cosmos: 9-9-9

 This is a pretty loaded blog post, but we have too much going on in the sky to not mention it. I will definitely try my best to keep it short, but there are things going on that you MUST know about.Today, September 9th, (9/9) holds 3 VERY important planetary events that deserves mentioning. The first being the New Moon. We have the New Moon taking place in the sign of Virgo. Because the Sun and the Moon are currently in Virgo as well, this transit amplifies the energy shift happening here. New Moons are a very beneficial lunar phase, as it strengthens us by lending us their reliable and restorative properties. This helps us cultivate and invite new ideas and actions into our lives. It's a great time to create anything new really, and also signifies the full release of whatever was triggered for you by the last Full Moon.Anytime there is a New Moon this energy accompanies it. When these lunar phases take place in the zodiac signs, it takes on a whole new focus based off the sign's energy and influence. Today's new moon is focused on Virgo, and all the responsibilities, meticulous details, and high productivity Virgo embodies. It's a serious and stable energy, focused, and ready to do what it takes to reach the end goal. And, as much NOT fun as that sounds, we really do need this kind of energy during this time.This energy will have you in an excellent frame of mind to be planning and preparing for the future. Whether it's a new back to school routine, a new workout or diet regimen, or taking a serious look at the steps that need to be taken to achieve a larger project or goal, now is the time for thinking and planning. The Virgo energy lends us the focus and attention to details, and because productivity is the name of the game under this zodiac sign, a lot can be accomplished by being productive in your planning.The cosmic energy isn't fully supportive in taking action in life as of yet, (soon, be patient) but rather the New Moon energy in Virgo is encouraging us to walk through the visions in our minds  as if they were already here in reality. It won't be long before you will see them manifest, but that is a different article, with a different energy, under a different moon phase.This moon phase is urging you to get organized both in your mind and in your environment. It's about decluttering the fragmented pieces of energy attached to physical things, thoughts or feelings. It's time to get ready for your next big adventure on your life path. Change is in the air, and the New Moon in Virgo is going to make sure it goes off without a hitch.Today also marks the activation of the 9-9 Portal. This marks the end of what has been a "comic shitshow" for what has seemed liked years. In reality, the summer packed a whole lot of astrological punches, but today, the cosmic chaos settles as we have reached the completion of a karmic cycle that has helped us determine who has elevated their frequency, or consciousness enough to make the 3D to 5D dimensional leap. Those of you who are sensitive to energies, no doubt have made the conscious decision to work on yourself and operate from a place of authenticity instead of letting the ego-mind lead your life.Basically, those who live in the heavier energies of negativity, hurt, anger, despair, will remain among that 3D level of consciousness, while those aware of their souls and actions from a place of spirit instead of heavier human programming will go on to vibrate at a higher frequency. Collectively, with those of us making that leap in consciousness, a new world really is being created.We have chosen to walk this path awake to the energies, spirits, and souls around us, connected to everything that is life. It's more than just being awake to what's happening to the world politically, or economically, it's more than being entertained and consumed with celebrities, gossip, crisis and trauma.Those of us that go out in this world trying to be better than who we were yesterday, and try to help others along the way, we are the ones elevating the worlds vibration and frequency. Individually we are evolving, and by connecting to one another through a global consciousness, we are doing the painful work of growing without feeling alone.There are more of us out there living in the light than those who are remaining in the dark. Love is winning. And the light that we carry within ourselves to light our own way, and the ways of others, WILL change the world's global vibration. It's a changing time and the comic and diving timing couldn't be more perfect.Lastly, (but definitely not the least impactful), Venus moves into Scorpio. The planet of relationships, love, and pleasure dives deep into the deepest, darkest, most transformative sign in the zodiac. When Venus is under the influence of Scorpio, relationships, and the REALNESS of each relationship you have, will be under the magnifying glass. Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac, and has no problem asking the tough questions to get to the bottom of the truth.There's no hiding from Scorpio, they see through your lies and especially your bullshit. So to have this kind of influence put onto your relationship sector, you can expect to expose some serious truths and uncover challenging information as you gain clarity.How we love, and how we need to be loved, in our relationships is being scrutinized. We are done dealing with shallowness and fake relationships, we are done with friendships that have no real foundation or trust, and we are definitely done putting up with toxic family members all to "save the peace". Boundaries have been tested, crossed, and now it's time to implement repercussions and consequences.With Virgo energy in other placements lending the accountability and responsibility in life, lesson's must be learned. Some will see relationships dissolve, others will recognize where in the relationship the problems lay. Again, we have the Virgo energy helping us with Venus in Scorpio, uncovering information and analyzing it in a detailed, rational, and organized fashion. It will be matter of fact, and Scorpio's energy totally supports transforming what doesn't work, into a better energy to create something better from.This is also a great time to make NEW connections that are almost guaranteed to be real and not based on any level of fakeness or lies. Some great friendships and even romantic relationships can form under this positively raw alignment.Regardless, this planetary event is going to bring with it some deep, dark emotions that you need to be able to harness and make work for you, instead of against you. Scorpios are notorious for bottling up emotions and exploding like a volcano creating a path of destruction that is a bit more destructive than it really should be, so where relationships are the focus here, tread very lightly and carefully, and make sure you have all the details together before you make any kind of rash decisions on taking action and making changes in your relationships, whether this involves others directly or even yourself. Do what you can to stay calm and look at your relationships and the problems in them from an organized, emotionally detached manner, so you can see CLEARLY.Whichever way you look at it, today marks a very energetic day in the cosmos. Although they are all positive aspects, they can still poses challenges as we work through the energies. It may take a couple of days for you to feel the effects, but if, at any time you are struggling to navigate these energies, please feel free to book a session online and I'd be happy to help.Many blessings to you during this time!

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