Full Moon In Scorpio

The Lunar Goddess has emerged herself into her shadow-side as she steps into the depths of emotion and repressed memories in Scorpio. The Moon rules our emotional state and travels through the zodiac to focus on each layer of her emotional core.

When She enters into the intuitive and psychic waters of scorpio, she faces the hidden truths within herself in order to integrate the good with the bad, the dark with the light, the positive with the negative. Scorpio is the sign or death, rebirth, and transformation. Under scorpio's energy we are intense, probing, and mysterious. We tend to favour the darker side of life, and all of its taboo subjects. Sex, anger, death and anything mystical or magical becomes appealing.

Full Moons are classically purposed for a release, and ending or completion of an emotion cycle. This Full Moon in Scorpio is also considered a blue moon (the third full moon in as astrological season), and because it's taking place opposing the Sun in Taurus (worth & possessions) while both Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (karma & restrictions), and Pluto (power & control - also Scorpio's ruler) are in retrograde (turning our energy and focus inwards on our inner worlds).

This is packing a powerful punch. Think back to the Fall of 2018, and all that has happened since then. All of the transformations and changes you've undergone. The struggle within yourself, combating the darker emotions, using them as a main motivator to inspire change, All of this energy has brought us to this moment, where the person we have been becoming finally integrates both parts of themselves together. This uniting of our inner selves, those two contradicting voices within, are now agreeing to work together, all to fully embrace the energy and power instead of battling for control.

This merging of our past and present selves is needed. It is our experiences that have shaped us, and our futures that motivates us to shape shift into something different. We want a life better than the one we are currently living and asking for change in.

The New Moon in Taurus only two weeks ago was when our new selves took the wheel. What we wanted to initiate and see take life has run into obstacles and delays. Those have been divinely constructed for your wellbeing by the Universe.

The uprising of repressed emotions and memories under this Full Moon in Scorpio are absolutely necessary to experience to fully emerge yourself in the darkness so you can recognize the light when it appears. This dive into the depths of your inner workings is absolutely necessary to see how far away from the surface you hide the most powerful parts of yourself. There is great amounts of energy spent into trying to control ourselves and not act on our inner most desires.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is going to ask you to harness the power in another way. Our emotions are obviously heightened and frustrated during this moon cycle and should be treated with respect. These heavier emotions have been what has allowed you to survive certain parts of your life but now are angry that they have to stay hidden. You will experience a wave of energy over the next few days as your vibration and frequency raises to another level by the emotions you are willing to acknowledge, and integrate.

We will enter into next week with a totally different energy and center. This isn't a bad thing. We need recalibrate our energy and focus and that only comes with a personal understanding of one's self. Be kind to yourself as you allow your emotions to make themselves known. Allow them to pass, feeling them with every ounce of your being. The Scorpion energy will allow you to transmute and darkness you hold within to pure, loving light.

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As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I'd be more than happy to help guide you through.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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