Mercury Retrogrades In Leo

Mercury, the planet that rules our intellect, information, and communication, goes retrograde today in Leo, and eventually will creep back into Cancer before going direct again. When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to us as it’s moving backwards in it’s orbit. A retrograde is a time where we slow down, and the normal energy influence of the planet moves from being exerted outwardly to an inward direction.

When Mercury goes retrograde (usually 3 or 4 times a year) we are slowed down by the Universe and have the opportunity to reflect back on what has taken place in our lives in order to review, re-edit, and revise our plans moving forward.

Mercury, effects all means of communication, writing, emails, verbal interactions and the way we express ourselves. It effects all things mechanical and electrical, and when in retrograde it causes mayhem for 3 weeks (up to 5 weeks if you factor in the shadow period both before and after the retrograde). It’s never a good time to start new things, to purchase new computers, appliances, or cars. It’s recommended to avoid signing any contracts or involve yourself with any kind of important paperwork during a retrograde.

Although there are many things we’d like to avoid during a retrograde period, life does have to go on, and so if you have to encounter some of the things that should be avoided, you really have to do your best to make sure you pay attention to the details. Often times, emails will be sent to the wrong person, computers will crash, cars will malfunction, dishwashers, washers and dryers will act up, and travel plans will go awry.

Many people dread mercury retrogrades (for good reason), but if you tap into all the positives a Mercury retrograde provides you with, you could really accomplish a lot in your inner work. It is common to have past situations, especially ones that you thought you were over, rise to the surface to rear it’s ugly head again. This is a time were exes may resurface or people from your past pop up out of nowhere.

Although it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant to have to deal with situations you’d rather not deal with, we are given these opportunities to handle these situations differently than we did in the past in order to provide a more solid closure to some of the life lessons we didn’t fully close the door on.

Regardless of what sign Mercury goes retrograde in, the classic “symptoms” of Mercury going retrograde stay the same. What adds a bit of an extra challenge (or benefit depending on how you look at it) is when you get the energetic influence of whatever sign the retrograde takes place in.

This time around, we are having Mercury retrograde in the sign of Leo. Mercury just moved into Leo after a long, emotionally time in Cancer, and now will step backwards retracing the path we just took. We will see the topics and themes that we've been experiencing over the last few months come up for review. We are bolder, braver, and more confident now with Mercury in Leo, meaning we will be able to speak up and defend ourselves the way we should have the first time around.

You may have already been feeling the effects of Mercury's retrograde. Many people feel their minds get cloudy, foggy, and very vague on how they understood new information. Their train of thought was totally spacey and the intense Sun in Cancer emotions that washed over them gets very disorienting not having the mental plane be able to provide logic or clarity on where these emotions were coming from. Communication will be a challenge.

Unfortunately, it won’t get much better as we enter into the retrograde.

It’s a great time to work on our spiritual practice. Learning about anything to do with metaphysics, astrology, meditation, energy healing, dreams, and our psychic abilities. It’s a perfect time to move inwards, retreating from social activities to quiet the mind and let your intuition speak to you and guide you through this time of inner reflection.

Mercury retrograde is nothing to fear and in fact, I encourage you to embrace it by giving yourself permission to relax, rest, and recover. Don’t try to start new things or initiate new projects. Don’t force anything during this time. And definitely give yourself permission to take a break.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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