Sometimes we lose our way, and become so unaligned in our path, that we lose our power. Whether you need guidance navigating this current chapter of your life, validation of your path, or deep energetic healing to awaken your Soul, I’ll be your Guide.


Psychic Readings

A Psychic Reading will reveal your current situations in life, and channel messages from Spirit to help you on your path. You will receive information about your Home & Family, Your Career & Life Passions, Your Love & Relationships, and future predictions based on your current energy. 

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Astrology Services

Astrology is allowing the energetic influence of the cosmos to lead us on our own individual and personalized healing journey. By consulting your birth chart, and forecasting future influences, you can use astrology to harness your power and achieve your goals.

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an integrated approach of balancing the elemental energies of the mind, body, and soul. With a mixture of alternative & complimentary healing techniques, talk therapy, and Energy Medicine fundamentals, we can re-align your energy and harness your inner power.

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Thank you for this!! I cried. A lot. I can't even tell you how much more powerful I feel with you and your guidance behind me.

— Client Testimonial


Energy Vibes

Check out my blog where I go into detail about each energetic shift as it happens and how to best navigate the energy for your desired outcome. There is a lot to learn about the energy world and how to use it for our growth and evolution.