Full Moon In Sagittarius

The energy wave continues this week as we embrace the full moon in Sagittarius. We have been experiencing LOTS of back-to-back energy shifts which, for some has been creating choppy waters, while for others it seems the energies are forcing them to come alive. If you have been having a hard time adjusting to these new levels and energies, this full moon might just be what you need to help you calm down and refocus.The full moon is a powerful time, but only if you understand the energy that it offers and how to harness it for your own benefit. It is a time of heightened emotions and healing energy. Our feelings on certain topics increase and rise as we grow towards the full moon status, where they reach the tipping point of acknowledgement before we release them all together. Understanding the lunar cycle can provide us with a valuable insight into the changing energies that impact our lives throughout the month. Some people like to believe that the changes that are experienced during the full moon cycle is nothing more than coincidence, but scientific studies now show that there are hormonal changes that occur throughout the moon’s phases explaining the increase in hospital visits, crazy attitudes, and irrational decisions. While full moons are often accompanied by sleep disturbances and mood swings, those who are able to prepare themselves adequately can use the energy to their benefit to make significant changes and improvements in their lives.The Sagittarius Full Moon takes place on May 29, 2018. Sagittarius is a fire sign, ushering in bursts of energy, creativity, and insight. Sagittarius energy gives you a feeling of fearlessness, and the courage to act quickly. With this potent energy, you may look at yourself, your life, or a particular situation in a new light, as Sagittarius helps encourage you to change or gain a new perspective. Sagittarius invites fun and liveliness into life, as it is a sign that also encourages spontaneous and adventurous energy. If you find yourself being challenged in life right now, Sagittarius will help you find, and hold onto your joy. It's a fun spirited sign that will encourage even the worst "negative Nancy" to find the silver lining in their situation and raise the vibration within by focusing on the good instead of the bad.The energy of Sagittarius will encourage you to let go of all expectations and the burden of your responsibilities, focusing your attention instead on the new experiences that have yet to come. It is said that when the full moon is in Sagittarius, all zodiac signs are going to get a taste of the Sagittarius way of life. For some, this can be exciting, embracing the impulsive and adventurous energies that this will trigger. They will follow their hearts, enjoying the true freedom and allowing it to bring a new element of change and excitement to their lives. For others, however, this can be a frightening experience that will disrupt their well planned and organized lifestyles. Instead of fighting this energy, embrace it. Open your mind, body and soul to the positive energies that come with the full moon in Sagittarius. Instead of allowing yourself to worry about all that could possibly go wrong, focus your attention on the possibilities before you, trusting that you are capable of whatever it takes to reach them.Internal conflicts may arise under this full moon as the Sun is situated in Gemini’s side of logic and reason, and the moon is in Sagittarius’ side of living in faith go head-to-head. It’s important to find balance between the two signs and their influence within us. If you are analytical, and always needing to know all of the steps in the process, you may miss important clues that are meant to guide you in the right direction. When you live by faith only, you miss the experience of trial and error which ultimately leads to your growth. Find balance between faith and logic to support you in moving forward.Emotions usually run pretty high around full moons, but this time around they may be easily triggered as we are also being influenced by a grand water trine. This planetary aspect occurs when there are planets moving through all of the water signs at one time. We have Neptune (the planet of inspiration & dreams) passing through Pisces, Venus (the planet of love & money) is in Cancer, and Jupiter (the planet of luck & expansion)  is in Scorpio. These planetary influences are digging up past emotional wounds, which might make you feel vulnerable. What and who is triggering your emotions?

 If you have been struggling with pains from the past, this is the time to address them. Don’t shy away from the painful memories or difficult feelings that are associated with your past. Instead, embrace these experiences, allowing yourself to accept all that you have been through and the ways that you can improve moving forward. Applying these concepts to your life will allow you to let go of the past, freeing yourself from this negative energy, and move forward with a clean slate.As if there isn’t enough going on the this full moon, there is also a grand trine in the fire signs. Fire inspires your creativity and passion. It gets you in touch with your senses and ignites your creative juices. Again, you may be feeling emotions churning on a very DEEP level! Chiron (the wounded healer) is in Aries helping you to level up in life. The north node (destiny) is in Leo helping you follow your passion and take what you “love” to the next level.With the Moon in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, there may also be a strong desire within you to seek a deeper level of spiritual knowledge. Sagittarius helps you explore higher realms of spiritual truth as it is known to in the zodiac as the teacher, and the explorer. As a forward thinker, it also encourages you to look further down the path, and broaden your perspective, and concentrating on the bigger picture.You will feel the full moon effects for a day or two before, and after the exact full moon on May 29th. Use grounding techniques such as mediation, gardening, spending time in nature, yoga, or mindful breathing to help anchor your ideas to feel less overwhelmed during the energy shift. Connect with activities that bring you joy and happiness.Should you require assistance or guidance navigating your way through the new seas of energy, I am always available to provide energy reading services that will give you a clear picture of where you're coming from, where you're currently at, and where it is you are going based on your current energy impression. You can book a session online by clicking here.Much love to each and every one of you as you enter this new world of energy. Be kind to yourself as you would be to others, and be gentle with your expectations of yourself at this time. - The East Coast Energy Boutique

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