Full Moon In Capricorn

As I observed the beauty of the moon in the sky last night, I wondered how many times over the 33 years of my life that I stood paralyzed under the gorgeousness and the love of the moon. I have always found comfort in the Moon and stars. They have always been a constant in my life and something I could always rely on. They have always helped me make sense of myself and my life, even at the darkest of times.Today we have a Full Moon in Capricorn. It's been back-to-back energy shifts for us lately, and in true astrology fashion, we have this beauty of a Moon blessing us with sheer focus, as we know what we have to do now, and are so focused and fixated on it, that we are ready to take action.Being the focused, determined business-minded energy that Capricorn is, and seeing as the Full Moon phase assists us in letting go, this sweet, strawberry moon asks us to get serious.I spoke about how this is now a time for action for us as we head into the second half of the year in the article Neptune Goes Retrograde. The first half being about creating the vision, the second half implement what is necessary to make that vision come to life. If you haven't read that article yet, please click here.In staying in tune and in alignment with the energies at play, this Full Moon carries a heavier, more serious tone as we are so focused on what has to be done that we can't think of anything else. The interesting point of this energy is that, because we are in Cancer season, all the FEELS are highlighted and we may find ourselves way more highly emotional than normal. This Cancer energy may conflict with the Full Moon energy in such a way that you will be torn between wanting to get started in your plan of taking over the world in Capricorn fashion, but may be just not today, in Cancer fashion.The good news is that this Full Moon is the opener for our eclipse season which should provide some interesting energies to work with as we go through the Summer months. Of course I will keep you up-to-date with the energy and how to best navigate it, but for now, please let the Capricorn Full Moon do it's part in preparing you to take care of business and tackle the challenges at hand.The earth energy from Capricorn, and the water energy from Cancer has the potential to create quite a storm inside us! Do your best to stay centered and grounded and experience the FEELS as they rise to the surface.Think about what you were dealing with back in January - February of this year. Those themes and events got stalled for many reasons, and you'll find we refocus our energy back to those themes to actually DO something about them this time around.As always, if you are looking for assistance in navigating these energetically charged times, please reach out and book a reading session with me by clicking here.Just reminding you also, that there are only a few days left to score 10% off your first month of a monthly subscription! I'm so excited to deliver your Weekly Insights to you starting this Sunday!Much love and many blessings to you during this time! MarleeResident Reader at The East Coast Energy Boutique

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