Jupiter Goes DIrect, Partial Solar Eclipse & New Moon In Cancer

If you are a subscriber to the Weekly Insights, you will already know that this week is going to be an interesting one! Today is the first day that Jupiter is now moving forward after turning direct yesterday. This is GREAT news as the restrictions and lack of we've been experiencing over the past 4 months is now over. From here on out, we will feel the the shift and see the forward motion of things that will have luck back on our side as we attract abundance and positive situations to our lives once again.In the Tarot, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE would be the card to represent Jupiter's directional change, and this particular card has been popping up in pretty much everyone's readings over the past few weeks! When a particular card continuously shows up in multiple readings, it's a good indication that these energies are being felt globally, and that many people are experiencing hardships in some aspect in life.Many people have experienced the loss of a home, job, or relationship. Even deeper than that, some have even lost their connection with themselves. As hard as loss actually is, you can be sure that there is a wonderful new beginning waiting to fill the void of whatever the loss was. I myself have lost a fair amount due to these shifts and transits including my home, job, and beliefs around the foundation I thought was strong enough to build on. I was wrong.

Even in the moments of defeat, brokenheartedness, and pure anger, I KNEW this was all happening for a reason, and that I would be better off because of it once the dust settled. Even in my own readings, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE was a key player in understanding when I could expect a positive shift to take place. And the Tarot doesn't lie! The day before Jupiter went direct (this past Monday), I was offered an opportunity that will definitely help me in rebuilding my life on a more solid foundation. This is only the beginning, as I had more orders placed yesterday for readings and report services than I've ever had at one time (thank you SO MUCH)!!Today, we are experiencing what is called the dark void of the moon. This happens when the moon is making her transit between signs. With no actual position for her to be locked into, we experience the dark void of the moon when she is on her way to her next position. This transit gives us a really interesting energy to work with. This is a great time to go inward and explore what's actually going on inside your heart and head, and seeing where there is a disconnect, or misalignment between the two. This is a reflective time, and a time for daydreaming about the life you'd like to see yourself living. It's an amazing time to see the "darker" side of all the things you try really hard to be positive about, and a time that should be spent evaluating the endings that just took place in your life.Give yourself permission today, to check out of your "norm" and get in touch with the energy you carry within. Be careful though, as this is a time where you could easily pick up other people's energy and emotions and experience thoughts and feelings that aren't even yours. You should definitely be centering and grounding your energy today, and make sure you have a clear vision of what thoughts and feelings actually belong to you.Pluto, the planet of transformation, is literally screaming at us to change, transform, and let the pieces within us that are old and outdated to die, making room for all the good stuff to flow into our lives. You will find positive changes filling the space of what was once there, tying us to our past. We won't have very much time to explore this energy, as the moon prepares for a partial solar eclipse and the NEW moon takes place in Cancer.As we head into eclipse season, be prepared to see situations and events happen at a greater speed than usual. You will be surprised how quickly you get over the hurt, and how quickly you process those feelings into a strength and understanding that you will use to implement the new changes brought forth by the eclipse.If life were a video game, this is the point where your screen would go dark after you fought all the bad guys that ambushed you in the woods. The black screen would then start to flicker and the music changes from defeat and darkness to an upbeat, victorious anthem. You would see a wave of beautiful light flow over your animated character, and you'd see an increase to your energy level and monetary resources. You'd receive an upgrade to your weapons and armour; even your skill set would be improved. You my friend, just hit the point in the game where you levelled up! This is what the partial solar eclipse and new moon in Cancer is going to do to all of us, upgrades all around!Eclipses are nothing short of karmic and cosmic re-adjustment or re-alignment. Just imagine you were walking on the wrong path and the Universe needed a way for you to see how far you've strayed. This solar eclipse is what you need to SEE through the darkness, and have some of the elements in your life re-adjusted to get you back on the path you were meant to walk. Many times, we walk paths that don't really feel like the right way, but because we are always trying hard to be positive and to make the best out of things, and try hard to make things work, we commit to the path that doesn't feel like the right way to go. That's why, all of a sudden, the Universe will use the planetary alignments to help you get rid of things that you shouldn't even be involved in.

 I can speak from personal experience that the path I was walking was not for me. But because I am a person who commits to making things work even if it doesn't feel good, I continued on the path that was actually taking me further away from the path that I should have already been on. Realistically, there was no way I was going to wake up and quit my job, give up my home, and choose to start over with a clean slate. So the Universe jumped in and did it for me.If you are into moon magick at all, or have an interest in the lunar phases and how they impact our lives, you will understand the weight of this partial solar eclipse and new moon in Cancer to be a new moon pumped up on steroids. Think of all the NEW beginnings and NEW energy a new moon normally brings; the fresh starts, the new ideas, the new ways of thinking and feeling. This energy will only be amplified under the eclipse energy.The planetary alignments and shifts have been beautifully planned out and orchestrated by the Universe to literally beat us down and strip us of everything we knew, in order for us to clearly see the changes that need to be made in order to start fresh. Although these transit are very close together, not allowing us a whole lot of time to get used to them, explore ourselves in them, and formulate a plan to move past them, we are processing and integrating these energies as swiftly and efficiently as possible.So here we are in the dark void of the moon, awaiting tomorrow's solar eclipse event that will usher us into a brand new way of being by the end of the week. I truly hope and pray you all are being as easy and as gentle on yourselves and others at this time, as we are all experiencing our own inner journey, awaiting to see the new map we are about to follow.As always, if you need any assistance or guidance during this time, I would be happy to help! You can book a session online, and together we can help you understand the energy and events leading up to this solar event, and how to best move forward in the light of the new moon. Many blessings to you at this time! MarleeResident Reader & Psychic AdvisorEast Coast Energy Boutique

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