Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

So, you remember those changes you wanted to see in your life? Do you recall all the moments over the past couple of months that you suddenly had enough of your situation and thought to yourself "I don't know what the solution is, but this sh*t better change soon?" Something's gotta give, right?! Well, here we are on the eve of the most powerful energy shift we have experienced thus far. Hard to believe right?! it seems like we've done nothing but ride the waves of a choppy sea lately with all of these GD shifts!Today, July 26th, 2018, we have Mercury, the SIXTH planet to go retrograde (which are just too much planets in retrograde to not have a HUGE shift take place). You can read about that here.Tomorrow, we have the LONGEST LUNAR ECLIPSE OF THE CENTURY taking place!!! Is the world going to end?! Well, yes actually. But not in the way you think. It is hard these days to not see the huge changes in the world as we know it. Our global platforms are changing; political systems, government, communities, households, and individuals. We are living in times where old structures are being broken down, where we are watching the world both come together and be split apart. We are living in times of extremes; conflicts, and ideas. We have no choice but to see the black and white of the global issues, and then see the fight for the grey area. It's challenging.Even our minds, the way we think, and how we communicate and interact with each other is being altered. The energy in which we connect, and in how we divide, is intense. Everyone is fighting for something. And as promising as it is to see groups of strangers come together to fight a common fight, it's also JUST as heartbreaking to see the hurt, the pain, and the weight, of living in this world creates within individuals.

 We are seeing celebrities take their own lives at an alarming rate. What's sadder is the lives that get lost every day to the same cause go unmentioned because they aren't celebrities. The world is in pain, and that is a huge wake up call for us healers to stand up and do our part.This Full Moon Aquarian Lunar Eclipse is calling us to walk into the shadows of our lives. Only through the darkness can you see the light. It is a time of HUGE transformation as we release the shadows that collectively, and individually, we need to let go of before we can fully embrace the new version of ourselves, our new ideas, and new vibrations.It's hard to do though right?! Especially when we don't know what to expect! Sometimes that's the greatest challenge. All too often we get comfortable living in discomfort, all because it's comfortable - the irony. We have a tendency to stick with what we know, even if it isn't what we want, all because it's familiar and predictable. Taking steps forward into a dark horizon, into a future that hasn't yet revealed itself, is scary shit! But if you take a breath and quiet your mind, your intuition, (your Soul's whispers) will reassure you that if you TRUST, and you put forth the ACTION to move forward, (even into places unknown), you will be rewarded with a life so full of love and abundance that it will be worth every day you've spent in the dark walking the path until it becomes illuminated for you. It's all about trust; trust yourself, your Soul, your Guides, the Universe; in whatever power you call "God", to have your back and reward you when you walk the path your Soul is aligned with.We are living in a time where the lines are being broken, blurred, and repainted in ways that allow us more freedom. Aquarius is the star of this Full moon and with Mars also in Aquarius the free-thinking, rebellious, freedom-fighter in all of us, is stepping up to the plate. A revolution is upon us, both in our inner and outer worlds. We are re-visting old problems and issues that need a new perspective and creativity in order to be solved.We are in a time of revisiting, rewriting and redoing old patterns, lessons, and themes, that didn't quite end the way they should of, a lot of them requiring more closure than others. The problem with being forced to revisit these issues, is that it triggers old hurts and traumas associated with these themes in life.Anger, anxiety, and irritability are at an all time high! It's important that we not REACT to everything that provokes us. If you feel these emotions rising within you, think back to how you acted in similar situations in the past. Why not try something new and approach these situations from a different angle, conducting yourself in the opposite way as you did the first time you encountered these issues and feelings.We are currently sitting on the Leo/Aquarius axis. As the Sun is now in Leo, and the Moon in Aquarius, we have the best and worst of these signs being emphasized under the Full moon lunar eclipse energy (not to mention, all the other planetary influences at play). Leo lends us the confidence and fun-loving energy to encourage us to go after what our heart and soul desires. It's about being proud of yourself and living as authentically as possible. The dark side of Leo is that our ego, and how we come off to others, could be in the spotlight. Have you been putting your ego infront of your authenticity? Have you been arrogant about the proud parts of your life? Suddenly, we may be triggered in these areas.Aquarius encourages us to embrace our authentic selves in order to inspire others to do the same. If we could all just act from a true place within our hearts and Souls, and not from our ego-center-based selves, we can truly live in love and light. Aquarians have big ideas and are constantly figuring out ways to be of service. This energy is something we can all benefit from, especially during these life changing times.As a guide to what it is you individually need to focus on, and try to better, pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that trigger you within. What gets on your nerves? What annoys you? What do you feel so passionately about that you would debate your beliefs until your face turns blue? What memories cause your heart to skip a beat? Those answers are your darkness, and from your darkness you can find your light.Remember that all anger and anxiety is, is energy. Energy can be transformed into a better state once you recognize energy in it's current form. Identify the energy, and then do what you need to do in order to transform that energy into something lighter. We need to release these heavier vibrations in our lives to reach a higher frequency within our physical bodies, and of course, on a Soul level. This is what this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is about; REvisit, REedit, REwrite, REdo, RELEASE.As always, if you require any assistance or guidance navigating these very intense energies, please book a session online, and I'd be happy to help!Many blessings to you during this time! MarleeResident Reader & Psychic Advisor

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