Mercury Moves Into Virgo

 I am sure you are as grateful as I am to have survived (barely) another Mercury retrograde, but here we are, still standing after the storm of chaos. If you are a frequent reader of my articles you will have already read about the super challenging aspects we faced over the course of the summer between all the retrogrades and the eclipse season.When Mercury retrogrades (appearing to go backwards on its orbital path in the sky), it usually causes a chaotic state among communication, travel, technology, and mechanics. If ever there was a time to not be able to speak and think clearly, it would be during a mercury retrograde. You  find it hard to express yourself and have your thoughts well received by others, and most times, what you MEANT to say, doesn’t actually get said. Computers crash, emails get lost in cyber space, and anything mechanical seems to malfunction or break completely. It’s a time of utter confusion and most people can’t wait for it to be over.But here we are, on the other side on the coin. Mercury is now direct, and about to enter into Virgo. If you experienced conflict or disagreements with others throughout the retrograde period, you will now have the energy and understanding to find a solution and resolve the matter. If you experienced technological or mechanical breakdowns, you may just find that your “broken beyond repair” item has suddenly healed itself overnight and is now in normal working order. Don’t question why, just thank Mercury for moving on and leaving you alone to lick the wounds of frustration and disappointment.Many people fear retrogrades (with good reason) however, there really is a lot of positive that comes out of them too. Retrogrades allow us to slow down and review previous themes and issues. It gives us a chance to revisit some topics or situations that didn’t receive the understanding, closure, or resolution that it required, or deserved.Often times you will have ex partners suddenly climb out of the woodwork to rehash things, or you yourself are the one on the quest for closure and make contact with people from your past to do just that. Some things in life NEED Mercury to go retrograde to give us the supporting energy, and to be triggered to do these things. We are only JUST getting out of Mercury being retrograde, but  you should be feeling much more clear headed, able to think and process information normally again, and have the ability to communicate and express yourself better, which means you are being better received.On September 5, 2018, we have Mercury, going direct in the sign of Virgo. This is an excellent placement for all of us as it really helps us clean up the mess that was made over the retrograde period. Virgo, an earth sign, is one of Mercury’s natural homes. Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini and feels most at home in these signs. As the natural ruler of these placements, Mercury’s energy works best in these signs than any other. Although Mercury in Gemini is a favorable placement, Virgo is where Mercury feels the most powerful!Virgo is the sign of organization. Mercury’s movement into Virgo will allow us to examine situations and information with a sharp, keen, eye. With a heightened sense of detail, and the ability to analyze and organize our thoughts, feelings, and course life situations, this placement will lend us the energy to take action, and help us get serious to buckle down to get things down.Our communication abilities will be powerful as we are able to communicate with clear intent and reason, cutting through all the bullshit to get straight to the point. Although this particular placement wouldn’t be consider a lot of “fun”, it’s exactly the energy we need to get back to reality after a beautifully, chaotic, summer.Many people sense the element of seriousness around the beginning of September anyways with kids getting back to school and summer vacations coming to an end. Although most don’t look forward to getting back to reality, this placement makes us not be whiners about it. Instead it empowers us to get a grip and get things done!This will be a time when productivity is at an all time high, meaning your to-do list will be organized and completed based on priority and will be crossed off the list of things to do in an orderly fashion. The progress we make in our lives this month will be huge under the supporting energy of mercury in Virgo, and will lend exactly what most of us need to help move us forward after getting stuck in a rut with the energetic chaos of the summer.The only warning I could provide you with for this placement, is to be aware that you are not overly,  critical of yourself and/or others. Criticism is highly possible at this time, as Virgo has a tendency to nit pick and be "judgey" due to their overthinking and critical mind. No one is harder on themselves than Virgo, so the energy could encourage us very honestly without intent to harm. Be aware of your words and make sure you deliver information with tact as the discriminatory energy of this placement will have sharp words on the tip of everyone’s tongues.That being said, you can only control yourself and please be aware that others may not have the same awareness as you do. So if you find yourself on the receiving end of a critical judgement or criticism, please just recognize that the one with the sharp tongue just isn’t aware that the energy of this placement is causing them to speak out of tune. Remember that you are not obligated to show up to every argument you are invited to.If you require assistance navigating these energies please feel free to book a session online, and I'd be happy to help!Many blessings to you at this time!

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