The energy Behind Our Routines

Have you ever noticed that when you are deep into a daily routine such as driving, washing the dishes, or even vacuuming, that suddenly your mind slips away and all of a sudden you’re done your task?I don’t know how many times I’ve arrived at my destination only to wonder where I was while I was driving. I know it doesn’t sound safe, but for most of us, driving is such second nature that we can successfully complete the task without really thinking about it. These mundane human tasks become so second nature that we usually allow our mind to wonder while we do them. Think of how many times you’ve actually gotten behind the wheel, how many times you’ve done dishes, or folded laundry. Think of how automatic it is to do and complete those tasks, (even though most of them aren’t that fun).The physical and metal energy we put behind these tasks are actually quite minimal. We have become so accustomed to doing these tasks that it’s mainly muscle memory that makes this happen without us being conscious of actually doing them. I’m a huge promoter of being present, even while doing the not so fun things in life, because it brings an element of presence into what we are doing. It focuses the energy into what you’re doing so at least the tasks get completed with a bit of your focus and energy infused into all you do.Have you ever heard a cook say that their food is made with love? Well that can only happen if it’s a conscious intent and effort that they stay present during the cooking process, and are aware of the thoughts running through them as they do it. If the cook was hateful and didn’t want to be preparing the food but doing it because they had to, no doubt you’d taste the lack of love put into their dish.When you remain focused while doing a task, you will be able to see the difference in the results. Okay, so really, who needs their laundry folded with love?! Well, everyone does actually!!Instead of throwing your energy outside of the task, whether it be by thinking about the chore list, what your day looks like tomorrow, or how much you hate your job, your energy isn’t present.On the day of the Equinox, when the Sun moved into Libra, I, for some unplanned and unintended reason, decided to change my bedroom around. It wasn’t something I had even thought about, it just happened. Just as the gentle and loving breath of fresh air from the Equinox and Libra energy blew in, so did a whole new energy.I recommend switching your living environment up with each change of season. It’s good to change things around and infuse a new energy into your space. Moving things around and decluttering while you do it, is a great way to stir the energies up, before establishing a new energy for the environment. I always recommend cleansing your space with a sage session to purify the air and energy from fragmented energies that get stirred up during the switch up.What I found super interesting, is that the new room arrangement caused me to get out of bed on the opposite side of the bed then I was used to. It made me think, “How many years do we spend getting out of bed in the morning the exact same way?” The answer might shock you!Many of us “have a side” that we prefer, and never switch it up. We as humans are creatures of habit and don’t normally like to switch things up unless we have to. The first night I slept in the newly arranged room, I was a bit disoriented to wake up in the middle of the night and not recognize my surroundings. That morning, I got out of bed, on the wrong, or should I say, right side of the bed. I normally sleep on the left side of the bed and have done so for many years. But today was a new day, I got out of bed on the opposite side of the bed than I normally do, and to my surprise, had a GREAT day! My energy felt different, and it lasted throughout the day.When I got into bed the next night, I thought to myself how funny it would be to think about how maybe, I’ve been getting out of bed on the wrong side all these years, and how maybe now, I will have better energy and luck getting out of the opposite side. Could it really be THAT easy?! Well, I hope so!I have had great energy days since the changing of the room. I can only hope that the fresh air of Libra season, the seasonal shift of the Equinox, and this powerful Full Moon in Aries leading the way to the powerful transformation under Pluto’s direct energy, will make a positive everlasting change in my life, and yours too!I challenge you to do something different! Whether it’s vacuuming your carpet in the opposite direction than you normally do, washing the dishes with a different focus or intent, or simply getting out of bed on the opposite side than you’re used to, switch things up and see how it impacts your energy.There are so many different things we can do in the run of our day to switch up our energy. If you find yourself in a funk, try doing things differently than you normally would to see how that effects your overall vibe. Sometimes, it's the little things in life that bring us the greatest changes, so start with the little details of your day-to-day.If you are struggling to get out of your current energy, I invite you to book a session online, and I will help you identify where you're currently at, and the energetic blocks that must be transformed in order to get to where you want to be.Until then, make small changes to your day, starting with getting up on the wrong side of the bed! ;)Many blessings to you during this time! Marlee HenryResident Reader & Psychic AdvisorEast Coast Energy Boutique

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