New Moon in Scorpio

 Normally a New Moon is light and bright and a great time to be inviting new things into our life. Whether it's new thoughts, beliefs, new patterns, behaviours, new people, new environments, new abundance or opportunities, it all starts under a New Moon. I would normally be encouraging you to sit down under the New Moon energy and make a list of all the wonderful seeds you'd like to plant for this New Moon cycle to begin. But because this New Moon is in Scorpio, the rules have changed slightly.Scorpio is the zodiac of death, rebirth, regeneration, power, control, and transformation. It rules everything dark and mysterious in life and taboos are it's speciality.This New Moon being in Scorpio, is pretty intense all on its own, but of course there are many other shifts taking place surrounding this New Moon that will no doubt have us unearthing details about ourselves and our feelings that we can no longer run from. With the lunar nodes making their move into new signs yesterday, and Uranus still retrograde but switching signs into Aries, the themes of all this energy shifting couldn't be any more passionate and powerful.The unfortunate part of this New Moon in Scorpio, is that you will be triggered multiple times in the days surrounding this moon. I have recommended to my clients to be as patient, gentle and loving with themselves as possible, and allow these thoughts or emotions to rise to the surface to be acknowledged. It would be a helpful practice to jot down a list of all the things that get triggered within you at this time, so that you will have a perfect list or framework to use to transform those not so good feelings into something lighter.This New Moon will be illuminating parts within you that you've worked hard to keep in the darkest places of yourself. There is where the pain and discomfort lie, bubbling and boiling, festering within you triggering you into states un uneasiness or anger. This is the perfect time to check in with yourself and get a good look at the dark parts within.Scorpio energy isn't all bad. Although well known for the darker things in life, Scorpio embodies such passion and resourcefulness. It is a hyper-focused energy, probing with intensity as it dives the emotional depths that normal remain unseen. Scorpio is a very intuitive energy with a very high level of perception.To take full advantage of this New Moon, allow yourself to be mindful about what triggers something within you, and acknowledge it by writing it down. Ask yourself some questions about these triggers, Why am I being triggered? What is the underlying issue here? What can I do within myself to transform this energy into something better? By exploring each trigger, you will then see the areas of your life which need attention. You can then ask yourself, what you can do to make these topics a lighter vibration.By tapping into the positive traits of the Scorpio energy, you will be able to access levels of power and control within yourself, to be intuitive and hyper-focused enough on the solution, to tap into all your inner resources to make an intense shift and transformation. By giving your darkness permission to be seen, and by exercising your passion for betterment, you will have everything you need at your fingertips to infuse every ounce of darkness with love and light.There is a discomfort many people feel during these types of energetic shifts, and its mainly due to the fact that we end up seeing parts of ourselves that we've worked hard to ignore. We feel emotions that we've tried hard to numb, and we acknowledge the need within ourselves to change, to transform into someone more in alignment with who we've been all along.I truly hope that you step up to the plate during this New Moon in Scorpio and do your absolute best in becoming a better version of who you are. If it wasn't for the darkness, we'd never see the stars!As always, if you need any assistance or guidance navigating the energies this week, please book a session online.Many blessing to you during these times! Marlee HenryResident Reader & Psychic AdvisorEast Coast Energy Boutique

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