11:11:11 Gateway Activation

Many of my clients have reached out over the last week to ask questions about seeing "the signs", the patterns, and numbers in particular. It seems many of you are noticing the number 11 more so now, than ever before.In numerology, the number 11 carries with it, a divine energy of both connection and accelerated manifestation. Any time the number 11 crosses your path, it's said that you are in instant contact with the spirit realm, either being shown a validation from your guides or angels to the path you are on, or as a message that you're not alone.I often advise my clients to pay close attention to their thoughts at the time of noticing the 11 sign as it could be why you are receiving the message from the divine in that moment, to validate that your thoughts are on the right track, that you're on the right path, and to encourage you to move forward with your plans.Many people look at the clock as it strikes 11:11 and this too is a great sign that you are being asked to receive messages from above. In numerology, each number carries a certain energy and message. The goal is to always add up the digits to get to a single number with 11 being the exception. For example, the number 14 would carry a 5 energy (1+4=5). The number 11 (or any multiple of this number - 22,33,44, etc.) would be considered a Master number, carrying messages and energy from the angel and spirit realm.Today, November, 11, 2018, we are entering into an 11:11:11 Gateway Activation. Being the 11th month, the 11th day, of an 11 year (2+0+1+8) offers us an energy that hasn't been this powerful or intense in over a decade. These are changing times, and since the veil between realms got its thinnest on October 31st, we have experienced planetary and energetic shifts that have caused conflict for us from the inside out. These shifts were all in efforts to prepare us for the shift that takes place under this 11:11:11 energy.Today essentially opens a gateway within the cosmos to allow strong rays of energy to permeate through the earth and each person on it all in efforts of raising the global vibration and collective consciousness. Basically, we're being infused with love and light in hopes we will help revolutionize humanity. We have a lot of healing to do and this 11:11:11 gateway is exactly the infusion we need to get started.With Jupiter just entering Sagittarius, activating our wants, needs, and desires to focus in on, and expand our spiritual connections and practices, we are already prepped to create a whole new world for ourselves and the planet as the gateway opens. It is our job to stay as loving, gentle, and positive as possible now focusing on what it is we want to see in our world.The 11:11:11 gateway is an intense energy for manifesting accelerating the process from planting the seed, to actually reaping the benefits from its growth. There is no better time to focus on what we desire than NOW!

 As I spoke about in JUPITER ENTERS SAG, this isn't just about HOPING for the things we want coming true, it's about BELIEVING under any circumstance that it WILL come true. I see it as being very fitting that this 11:11:11 gateway activation falls on the same day as we honour those who fought for our country and our freedom.As the 11 divine energy is literally about being connected to, and grateful for our ancestors in spirit, who now guide us on our path from the spirit realm, we can pay respect and give thanks in more ways than just wearing poppies and giving a moment of silence (although these expressions are extremely important). We can also give thanks by quieting our minds, connecting to our hearts, and focusing on all the energy and love those who have passed over contributed to this world while they were here. Realizing how far we as a collective have come, and how far we still have to go will shift focus onto what needs to happen in the now, to make the years to come more in alignment with the love and light we hold in our hearts versus the hate and darkness we experience in our current world.Once we can focus on what the world needs as a whole, we can ask ourselves what we can do to do our part and be a small piece in a larger puzzle. With the intentions heavily set on raising the global vibration and frequency, you can take it one step further and focus on what changes you want and need in your own personal world and environment to raise your own energy and vibration. By upping our own personal levels we radiate our energy out into the world, touching each person we meet and cross paths in in our day.Energy is infectious, and if we can all hold love and light in our focus as individuals and our global collective goals and vision. All of this energy multiplies under the 11:11:11 gateway activation and together, we can manifest a better world, a higher consciousness, and a state of healing for the earth as we know it.So on this day, and until the gateway closes on January 11, 2019, try your absolute best to hold a higher vibration. Take moments to send love and light out into the world, and honour each time you are sent an 11:11 message from the Divine. Pay attention, listen, and respond with light and love.Many blessings to you during these times! Marlee HenryResident Reader & Psychic AdvisorEast Coast Energy Boutique

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