The Physical Symptoms Of An Energy Upgrade

The Physical Symptoms Of An Energy Upgrade


I have been talking a lot about our energy being upgraded lately, both in my blog posts and to my clients and subscribers. Receiving an energy upgrade is a very real process and has great effects on our physical bodies. Tomorrow's 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal activation is very much focused on upgrading our hearts to be strong enough to house the new, integrated vibrations we're getting glued back together with the lightcodes of tomorrow's energy.

Although we receive energetic downloads of information all throughout the year, there are some points in our calendar in which the energy is so great, that it has a Universal effect on all of us "sensitives" as we go through the process of lightening our loads and becoming more enlightened as we travel our spiritual path.

Also known as ascension symptoms, the physical body does actually suffer under these new lighter energy codes as we receive them. Depending on where you're at in your spiritual journey, and how sensitive you currently are to energies, you may be feeling a long list of physical symptoms that just can't be explained or diagnosed by medical professionals.

DISCLAIMER: Always trust your intuition on whether to get certain ailments checked out by a medical physician. When your doctor clears you of suffering from a diagnosable condition, that's when you should take the ascension symptoms into consideration. 

Since the eclipse season and the retrogrades, many people (including myself) have seen really weird aches and pains surface in their bodies. Some had old, healed ailments come back out of nowheres, while others were experiencing these aches and pains for the first time with no physical trauma to help explain their existence.

Feeling pressure, on the front of the chest, back of the neck, and in the head (especially sinus pressure) can all be linked to the physical symptoms of an energy upgrade. When we think of our physical bodies in relation to our energy centers (chakras) it becomes much easier to understand which parts of us are under the most influence as we move through the upgrade process.

I myself have been seeing bright flashes of light to my left. Vision changes - blurred vision, light sensitivities, and seeing flashes of light in the peripherals - are all common symptoms of the ascension process, or energy upgrade. The third eye chakra is the main focus of my current upgrade. I can only assume the Universe is turning up the dial on my gifts and abilities making me able to see more in the Spirit realm and strengthen my connection to those in Spirit.

Emotionally, people feel like trains wrecks, flip flopping back and forth between being happy, peaceful, calm, and having faith that everything will be okay, to depression, anxiety, panic, and a feeling of hopelessness, all in a short amount of time. These roller coaster of emotions are a perfect example of cycling through the energy upgrade, making leaps and bounds connecting with the Universal consciousness, being infused with all the lighter emotions, connecting with the optimistic future of the 5D + world, only to have the 3D world pull us back down to the heavier emotions of this human experience.

There is a constant push and pull taking place as we shed the old parts of self and embrace the new, but the purge, the cycle we are going through can be very overwhelming and confusing, especially when we aren't aware of the signs and symptoms of an energy upgrade.

Many clients have reached out to me, complaining that their sleep has been disrupted and they are having wild dreams of people and places that they've never encountered before. Please know that as we upgrade our energy and raise our vibration and frequency we connect to a totally different level of dream states than we ever had access to before.

I've been studying dreams for close to 20 years now, and yet still I'm fascinated by the fact that our subconscious mind has more power over us than our waking minds do. Diving deep into dreamwork can expose where your blocks are in your life and what pain and trauma your subconscious mind tries so hard to process while you sleep. What I've noticed, is that when we undergo such powerful energy shifts, we get exposed to parts of our Souls that have been to other dimensions with a whole group of people that we've never met before or have any point of reference of here in this lifetime.

All of these sleep disturbances are perfectly normal under the current circumstances of this energy shift. Taking pointers from our energy centers once again, those sleep disturbances would suggest that your crown chakra is the greatest focus of this upgrade, connecting you to a higher sense of knowing than what you've experienced here in this physical world.

Another common complaint is pain or discomfort in the knees. Whether you are experiencing this pain in both legs or just one, please know that this is where you hold your fear about taking your next steps on your path. If the right side of your body is giving you the issues, chances are you are struggling to embrace the change of your outer world. The fear of providing for yourself and your family, the goals and successes you fear from actually reaching, literally being afraid to take the initiative and start taking ACTION in your life. Where as, the left side indicates the emotional issues we need to resolve to remove the energetic blocks placed on our path.

In no way does this mean that these physical symptoms aren't real and any less painful just because they are energetically manifested. Instead, they are as real as it gets, indicators for us to see what lies underneath of these physical pains, and how to energetically mend them.

I can assure you that you are safe and protected as you go through this process, and that you will never be given more than you can handle. You can always reach out to your Guides and to the ArchAngels to help alleviate some of the symptoms that become too much to deal with.

It's important that you listen to your body and nurture it back to a place of health and alignment. Engaging in energy raising activities can help the transition go faster and be less intense. Below I will include what is a very long list of possible symptoms and include some activities you can try to alleviate the discomfort.

Possible Physical Symptoms you may experience during an energetic upgrade:

  • Your intuition is heightened and you have an unexplained knowing that something energetically is effecting your body

  • Aches and pains, tremors and twitches that come and go

  • Discomfort in your joints

  • Unexplained fatigue

  • Pressure in the head, chest, and to your sinus area in particular

  • Tingles or shocks throughout your body

  • Temperature fluctuations

  • Headaches that don't seem like normal headaches, unresponsive to medicine

  • Blurry vision, seeing flashes or lights out of the corner of your eye

  • Being overly sensitive to light

  • Feely very spacey or disoriented

  • Heart flutters not related to a medical condition or exercise

  • Sudden panic or nervousness with no known trigger (often dissolves quickly)

  • Hearing music that is not physically playing in your environment

  • Hearing conversations as if you were listening to a radio

  • Ear ringing

  • Being overly sensitive to sound

  • Feeling off balance

  • Hearing electricity

  • Cold or flu like symptoms that come and go without actually being a full fledged cold or flu

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Night sweats

  • Digestion changes

  • A change in dietary cravings

  • Emotional disturbances

  • Aversion to people, places, things that once brought you joy

  • Unsure of who you are

  • Developing new beliefs

  • Being overwhelmed by groups or crowds

  • Clumsiness, like gravity is working against you

  • Forgetfulness, or feeling like there's a lapse in time

  • Sudden changes to your foundations (relationships, jobs, career, living situation)

  • A change in how you connect to animals and nature

  • Seeing patterns and signs from the Universe

  • A change in your taste buds

  • Dreamscape changes (the people, places, or events in your dream world)

  • Having your cell phone battery die quicker than normal (you drain it of it's energy to stay charged)

  • A desire to connect with like minded people

  • Moments of gratitude

  • Profound ah-ha moments

  • A deep sense of knowing

Things you can do to try and ease your experience:

  • Give yourself time outs to check in with yourself, your wants, needs, and desires

  • Excuse yourself from overwhelming situations to ground your energy

  • Running your hands under cold water can help you feel more grounded

  • Listen to positive music (be mindful of the lyrics and the feeling of the music - angry, harsh music should be avoided

  • Spend time outdoors in nature

  • Rock or sway to move the energy within

  • Trust that you will be okay

  • Take note of dream messages

  • Eat foods that are healthy nourishment for your body

  • Soak in salt water baths

  • Apply heat to your aches

  • Nurture and care for yourself as if you were taking care of a friend or child

  • Accept and embrace the changes

  • Spend time in meditation or yoga

  • Breathe deeply

  • Let the emotions come and go, knowing that they are merely visitors and will not stay for long

  • Forgive yourself for being clumsy

  • Acknowledge the points of discomfort in your body and ask yourself what the energetic reason is for these pains

  • Acknowledge the flashes of light as spirit trying to communicate and tell them that you are trying hard to understand them

  • Be patient with yourself as you upgrade, understanding that it is all for the greater good of who you need to be, to be in alignment with your new goals and dreams

Of course you may not be experiencing all of these symptoms, and there are definitely other symptoms that can manifest that weren't included in this list.

I will be launching a workshop in the Fall that will focus on our energy centers (chakras) and how to translate our physical symptoms to the energetic source of pain or trauma.

If ever you need assistance or guidance understanding these upgrades and validating that you are in fact NOT crazy, please book a session online and I'd be happy to help guide you through.

Many blessings to you during these times!

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