Mercury Enters Capricorn

 After what has been a very forward-thinking time of inspiration and very hungry quest for knowledge, Mercury moves out of Sagittarius and into the very logical and practical sign of Capricorn. Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, is shifting our mindset now to a more down-to-earth approach as we find a way to bring our genius ideas for the future into our reality.With Mercury now in Capricorn, literally the day before our New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn, we are a bit more rational now as we look at all the ideas and inspirations we received under the influence of Mercury being in Sagittarius, realizing the importance of our focus is now on our foundational goals.We are now setting the stage for our inner dreams to come to life, and that stage needs to be a pillar of strength for us to grow upon. It is time for us to use our knowledge and our new found truth in practical ways. We need to ground, connecting our physical selves to this physical world before our higher level of consciousness gets revamped and carried away.We are restructuring our ideas, beliefs, and inner voice to be in alignment with our inner truths and desires, and with the energy of Mercury moving into Capricorn we will now be able to speak with more clarity and power then ever before. We are realistic in our endeavours, realizing that Mercury in Sagittarius bit off a bit more than we can chew. We have so many things on our to-do list that we want to bring to life, that this Capricorn energy will help us narrow down the list to essential tasks only, helping us to organize our thoughts and actions to actually achieve and accomplish what will be our platform of strength moving forward.Capricorn is the ultimate businessman, and achieves greatness in a steady, organized, disciplined fashion. They aren't afraid of hard work and believe in the importance of the smaller details being perfected to equal a successful long-term goal.Being the builder of the zodiac, Capricorn will lend us the energy to arrange our ideas and thought processes to see them fit together in the most logical way, and of course, with the least amount of resistance. Once the plan has been thought out and approved, only then will we be able to take action and start turning our dreams into reality.Capricorn is a very straightforward, no-time-for-bullshit kind of energy. They have perfected the element of emotional detachment from their projects to prevent mistakes and illogical and irrational moves or thinking. Be cautioned that this energy could definitely have the potential to hurt other's feelings during Mercury's time in Capricorn, as we are so focused on our ambitions and goals that we could very well overlook the emotions of others due to our actions, or ignorance. We may carry a rigid or cold tone to our conversations during this transit and so it is very important to balance your energy while still focusing on the long-term plan of living our dreams in our new reality.As always if you require any assistance navigating the energies, please book a session online and I'd be happy to help guide you through.Many blessings to you during these times!  Marlee HenryResident Reader & Psychic AdvisorEast Coast Energy Boutique

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