Astro & Tarot Forecasts - March 2019

Astro & Tarot Forecasts - March 2019


Welcome to March!

If February was where we stepped into the pool of unconsciousness and intuition, to float in the sea of our emotions as the waves of our memories from our inner worlds washed over us, cleansing us from the past 12 months of karmic energy from the lessons and life experiences we accumulated, then March is where we towel off, put our best face on and stand at the starting line waiting for the gun to shoot off signalling the start of a new race.We are about to enter into a brand new energetic calendar when the Sun enters Aries marking our Spring equinox here in the Northern hemisphere. It is then, that the world wakes up, stepping out of our winter slumber we have rested and recovered ourselves ready to spring into a new life cycle. With nine planetary shifts about to take place, one being of a new 7 year adventure, we are about to hit the ground running with the new wave of energy that March brings.To get an in-depth look at what areas of your life will be affected during this month's energies you can click here to subscribe to March's Weekly Insights (before March 2nd), or book a personalized reading session online.


March 1st - Venus Enters Aquarius

March 5th - Mercury Retrogrades In Pisces

March 6th - Uranus Enters Taurus

March 20th - Sun Enters Aries

March 26th - Venus Enters Pisces

March 28th - Mercury Goes Direct In Pisces

March 31st - Mars Enters Gemini


To see how your March will unfold, please check your horoscope below.



Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Aries!After a very low energy February, leaving you feeling exhausted and unproductive, you will start to feel like yourself again as your birthday arrives infusing you with new solar energy to get you through the next energetic year.This Pisces energy has you feeling depleted and foggy in your mind making you debate a decision that is really not in your best interest. But because of the lack of familiarity and stability in your energy, you seem to think this is the best way for you to move forward. Please hold off on making any major decisions at this time as we are slowing down and moving inward with Mercury going retrograde.In combination with this energy and the focus of the New Moon in Pisces on the 6th, you will travel to your inner world where your spiritual side will guide you to the best choice for you to make when the energy supports it. You will reflect back on some of the dreams that didn't quite make it to your external world, and although you will feel a disappointment about that, exploring these feelings will lend you much clarity on how to take those dreams, reshape them, and emerge with a brand new vision to bring to life.By the end of March you will see much balance restored to your mental and emotional plane, along with a rejuvenation in your physical energy. You will have a new perspective on how to team up with the right people to make your new visions become your reality.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Taurus!After a month of you having your relationships and personal values tested, you have made some decisions to walk away from people that no longer deserve your love and attention. Doing what is best for you and your personal well being always needs to be top priority so don't feel bad for standing up for yourself.Your friendships and connections will be changing up this month as you see a shift in the energy that you are attracted to, and to those who are attracted to your new vibration. This is a great time to think about the kind of friendships you truly value and are willing to put effort into.By the end of the month, you will be taking the time, energy, and focus to make sure you are living a balanced routine where you are taking care of your mind, body, and soul, while clearly drawing a line between work and leisure. With the weather changing and your energy depleting as you near your birthday, it's important that you maintain balance as you give focus to the new routine and activities you wish to engage in.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Gemini!After a month of power struggles between your heart and your head, you finally learned to let go a little and allow your intuition to lead. Because you are most comfortable in your mental plane, you found February to be quite frustrating and confusing as logic and communication were at all time lows.Don't abandon your brilliant ideas for the future just because you ran into some delays. The energy will clear and your mind will be back to its normal operating functions, where the clarity you so desperately require will be accessible once again.You will have some great changes in your career sector under the New Moon energy of Pisces which will allow you to tap into your creative side providing you with an "out of the box solution" to how to be more present and stable for your family.By the end of the month, you will see how following your heart's desires and building upon the relationships you currently have will get you further down your path a lot faster than you could have ever imagined. You have already reached a solid platform of success to now be building off of, allowing you to think further into the future.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Cancer!After a month where you had to totally surrender to the waves of emotion and intuition, you are ready to start swimming in a new direction.You are focused on uniting with a larger, more like-minded community as your quest for knowledge continues. You have many interests you'd like to follow through with but one subject in particular has really got you excited.It's important for you to stop yourself and give yourself much credit for the journey you not only have survived, but that you have thrived from. Your last hardship has proven to be very insightful and has you on a completely different path now that you've achieved this level of personal development.By the end of the month, you will feel more stability and comfort in your home and family environment, finally feeling on track with yourself again as you look forward with positivity and optimism, making grander plans for the future.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Leo!After a month of emotions crashing down on you, you are finally ready to emerge as a brand new character on your stage of life. The renewal that your hardships have gifted you with, have you energized and focused on the dreams you are looking to bring into reality.You are still undergoing your transformation, fully embracing your shadowside and the strength that it has shown that you are made of, as you step back into the light under the New Moon in Pisces on the 6th. You have a different perspective now, both of yourself and the world around you. Use it to fuel your emergence back into the world as you focus on your next goals.By the end of the month, you will be expressing yourself and connecting to the people around you in a brand new way. By following your heart, (even when it lead you into darkness) you will find yourself shining brighter than ever before. Take your place in the spotlight and be the example for others as they walk their dark path back to the light.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Virgo!After a month of muddy emotions and mental fog, you are in touch with your intuition on what your next move is in life to better your family and have the time to reap the rewards of all of your hard work.Your feelings surrounding your romantic relationship is under the spotlight as you figure out a way to make a better routine for yourself, being able to include your loved ones. The energy you have put into taking your relationship to the next level are going to be seen as you finally figure out a way to be yourself while allowing a significant other be a bigger part of your day-to-day life.By the end of the month, all the emotional upheavel you've experienced in making these adjustments and learning how to share all parts of yourself with another person will stabilize as you see the balance be restored body in your heart and in your home.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Libra!After a month of ebbing and flowing from sane to crazy, your energy levels will stabilize as your logical and practical thinking returns from a timeout when your intuition needed full control. It is sometimes necessary for you to "lose your mind" as the emotions and intuition lead you to think and feel in a different way.You found new paths forward that actually excite you without using your mental plane at all. You were able to get in touch with your dreams and unconscious self, seeing how the dots of your life are actually connected in a way you've never seen before.Prepare yourself as time is about to speed up for you. By the end of the month, you will see a brand new energy infused in how you go about taking care of yourself in your day-to-day routine, along with a huge release of thoughts and feelings that are very much outdated when you think of yourself and how you speak to yourself. You will be using a brand new energy to embrace a whole new idea of who you are and what you're capable of as we enter into a new energetic calendar.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Scorpio!After a month where you got to fully embrace your unconscious mind, seeing your inner dreams as they make their way to your external world, you have embraced the changes by taking a leap of faith in a direction that you have never explored before.By stepping into your truth and fully embracing your authenticity in who you are, you have aligned yourself with a new karmic energy that will have you living a life that you couldn't have even imagined for yourself.It is through your pain and disappointments that you have found your power, and now with that kind of perspective you are ready to go after whatever sparks your soul.By the end of the month you will have let go of some limiting thoughts about yourself that will allow a much more balanced energy to take over, leading you to rewards in the forms of time, money or effort. The struggles you've endured and survived are now going to be behind you as you enter into a powerful energy that will have you moving through life lessons and experiences with much more ease.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Sagittarius!After a month that had you doubting yourself, feeling low in emotional and physical energy, you will start to feel more like yourself as your thinking becomes more positive and realistic.Your rut had you believing that you weren't capable of reaching your new goals and dreams you had set out for yourself, when in actuality, it was a lesson in the power of your thinking that had you feeling the way you were.Now that you are realizing that it's only been you standing in your way, you are easily attracting new opportunities for you to gain more financial stability and abundance for your family.The dynamic in your friendships and connections are changing, and by the end of the month you will see distance and closure in some of your relationships while new connections find you. This is a great time to do some spring cleaning in your friendships as you've outgrown many of them that you've tried so hard to hold onto.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Capricorn!After a month where you took a vow of silence, totally isolating and disassociating from your life and reality, it's time for you to come back into the driver's seat and balance yourself out. The muddiness and moodiness that has taken over you is now lifting, and you are able to feel more comfortable in how you are communicating and expressing yourself.You have made great progress in your business connections, all as a result of your hard work in planning for the future, and because of that you are offered a platform to now launch off of knowing you are backed and supported.By the end of the month, you will see a shift in how you are thinking about your next career move and with that, you are finally taking into account that your personal happiness is of a far more value than any paycheque. That realization and consideration for yourself may have you turning down opportunities that sound good financially, but lack a sense of excitement and personal satisfaction.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Aquarius!After a month where your emotions were overridden by your mental plane, you got in touch with the part of your intuition that usually takes a back seat to your idealistic brilliance.The results of your new ideas and sudden shifts in your work will have your personal finances at a desirable place as you have reached a pivotal point of success and achievement. This sense of accomplishment is flowing over and blessing your family and those you love, as your creative thinking has set you up for long term success.You are going to continue building your foundation as you reap the rewards of your hard work. Everything you put your mind to will show in monetary successes as you continue the path forward, broadening your horizons as you gain more knowledge and truth.


Want this deck? Click here to get yours.Hi Pisces!After a month of renewal, a vacation inward to the land of your soul, you have emerged with a brand new energy and vision.The hardships that you've suffered through over the last year, are coming to an end as you bathe in the waters of your intuition as it guides you onto a new path. There will be much change for you to embrace as you move through the new energetic calendar with a refreshed solar energy from your birthday.Don't get discouraged as you may run into roadblocks, delays, or brick walls as you set out to initiate new paths and adventures. Transforming yourself into a newer version doesn't happen over night, and requires your patience and continued effort to charge forward. Even when times prove to be more challenging that you'd hoped, don't stop moving forward. This is in no way a deterrent from you embarking on your new path, just a sign for you to slow down and maybe rethink how else you could end up at your final destination. 


Venus Enters Aquarius

Venus Enters Aquarius

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