The Full Moon In Libra

This Full Moon in Libra is bizarre for a few reasons. First of all, it is not normal for a Full Moon to take place so close to the Sun moving into Aries triggering the Spring Equinox. This hasn’t happened in almost 20 years! Think back to 2000, what kind of topics and themes were supercharged for you at that time? The Sun takes its spot in Aries, and approximately 4 hours later, the Full Moon in Libra (which happens to be a Supermoon) takes place at zero degrees.

Which leads us to the next bizarre fact for this Moon, it is the fifth (5th) Full Moon in a row that we've had at the zero degree mark. We have had 5 opportunities to completely start fresh and wipe the slate clean under each influence of the Full Moons at a zero degree. This year is really about starting new and the moon has given us countless opportunities to do so.

This is the third (3rd) Supermoon IN A ROW! What?! Unheard of!

A Supermoon is when the moon is measured at a closer distance to the earth then the normal positioning of the Moon. It appears to us to be larger as it is closer, but because of its proximity, we feel the effects of its power that much more!

The next bizarre fact about this Moon is that it is the 1st of two (2) Full Moons in the same sign! It is very rare that it works out that there are 2 Full Moons taking place in the same sign within a month of each other. Because this moon blesses us with a zero degree, a fresh slate to start Aries season off with, it just so happens that the next Full Moon is still in Libra at a later degree. That means, this Full Moon Libra energy isn't messing around!

Today, we will be experiencing this energy very intensely as a Libra full moon has us focused on our relationships. Regardless of all of the other planetary activity at this time, the moon in Libra alone would have us reviewing our emotional comforts, our safety and security within our current relationships. Because this is taking place opposing the Sun in Aries, we are pressurized with an energy that has us balancing our energy, love, and attention among ourselves vs. others, me vs. we, and independence vs. partnership.

Aries and Libra are polar opposites and under this energetic influence, you can bet our hearts will be undergoing some important transformations as we give stock to our relationships, and we see whether we are giving too much of ourselves away.

For those already in a relationship, you will be triggered to explore the balance and fairness within your current relationship. This may lead to having to make some changes in order to level the play field. Fortunately for you, the Aries energy totally supports starting something new, as well as the Libra Moon at the zero degree position.

If you are single and not in a relationship, you can expect to have your heart examined as you get raw with yourself. When you look back at your past relationships you will see very clearly where the scales weren't in balance, and using that information, you can easily develop new intentions and guidelines for yourself as you attract new partnerships.

Regardless of where you are currently at in the relationship spectrum, this Supermoon in Libra at a zero degree will have us all breaking our own hearts to see where we can turn our heartbreaks into a source of power.

Trust your intuition at this time to show you the roadmap to your healing. Whatever not-so-nice- thoughts or feelings come up for you over the next few days, be sure to ask the Universe to release you from the energy that is preventing you form obtaining a healthy balance in your relationships.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I'd be more than happy to help guide you through.


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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