Where The MAGIC Begins

Where The MAGIC Begins


Although the Tarot deck technically starts at 0 with THE FOOL, because the energy of that card can represent the beginning or the end of a quest, the Tarot really begins with THE MAGICIAN (1).

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THE MAGICIAN (1) kicks the deck off with a spark and glimmer of magic as it symbolizes new beginnings and brand new opportunities. It is associated with Mercury (the planet of communication, information, and intellect), and it is an air element ruling the mental plane.

The figure stands before you with all the elements (fire, air, earth, water) in front on display. As one arm reaches to the sky, and the other points to the ground below, THE MAGICIAN (1) connects the spiritual realm above, with the earth here in the physical world. THE MAGICIAN (1) is the connector of the two, harnessing the powers that be from both sources. The connection to the upper realms helps bring life to the goals here in the physical realm.

With all of the elements at THE MAGICIAN's disposal, the resources are within reach to create whatever is needed here on earth. There is also symbolism in what THE MAGICIAN is wearing as the white robe symbolizes purity, while the red cloak represents experience and knowledge.

This card speaks of unlimited potential as the infinity sign (the snake eating his own tale) shows no beginning and no end, just an ongoing quest to cycle through each journey and experience.

The mental plane is very active with this card, and with that, the information received by the Seeker, the ideas that spark brilliance in one's mind will only grow into bigger aspirations. The flowers surrounding the figure shows that these ideas are blossoming into something that will be very fruitful for many seasons to come.

There is a certain sense of MAGIC that triggers these new opportunities in one’s life when THE MAGICIAN (1) is revealed.

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