Jupiter Goes Retrograde In Sagittarius

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system that influences us with expansion, growth, and abundance, is going retrograde today in Sagittarius. Jupiter first enter its place of comfort and power as Sagittarius's natural ruler back in November 2018, helping us to expand our spiritual selves, grow our dreams and opportunities, and receive abundance in all forms.

We've been undergoing a spiritual transformation as we are on this quest for truth, for meaning, and for a higher purpose. Our environments have been changing, our relationships transforming, and our opportunities have become more available for us to grow.

Like any planet that goes retrograde, it appears to us here on earth as the planet is moving backwards in the sky, when in reality, it's just an illusion. The planet isn't actually going in reverse, but rather it's at a slowed pace in its orbit and while other planets appear to fly past this retrograde planet, we see it as moving backwards.

When a planet is in a retrograde, the influence of energies that is usually projected outside of ourselves, occurring in our outer realities, move inward. Retrogrades are a time for us to slow down, reflect, re-adjust, before resuming our paths forward.

The most famous retrograde that most people are aware of is Mercury's retrograde. Mercury's retrograde gets a bad wrap because it causes so much chaos and disconnect among communication styles.

There is nothing to worry about with Jupiter going retrograde. This optimistic planet is always in good spirits and even though we may be challenged to try and slow our pace, growth, and evolution down for just a sec, Jupiter's positive energy always has a looking at the bright side of things. Jupiter is what I like to call "the silver linings" planet, because even in the midst of some really tough challenges or hardships, Jupiter shows us the silver linings to everything we experience and endure.

Jupiter will be in retrograde until August, making for a pretty sweet timeframe for us to slow down a bit to catch our breath and get our bearings. This year has been an intense series of life lessons and upgrades which seem to come back to back and more intense then the ones that came before it. This nice little break will have us moving inward to explore where we currently are at in our faith, in our beliefs, in our dreams.

Think back to November 2018, and think of all the really good things that have happened since then. Now think of all the bad things. If you take a good look at that bad list, you will see the silver linings emerge out of those hardships and from that you will gain a bigger perspective and picture on why certain things had to happen to get you to this place on your path.

Over the next several months we will be upping our spiritual game. This is a great time to dive into any kind of schooling or eduction especially where spirituality is concerned. This is where we learn how to be more authentic, more real. This is where we learn to speak our truth with every ounce of bravery we have within. This is where we get to expand our inner world, grow our spirit, and accept the abundance in love, learning, and evolution we've been blessed with.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I'd be more than happy to help guide you through.


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


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