Saturn Goes Retrograde


Today, Saturn, the Lord of Karma and ruler over structures, authority, roles and responsibilities goes retrograde in Capricorn until September 18th, 2019. This major, heavy-hitting planet embodies the Grandfather energy; strict, hardworking, tough love, all about working hard and taking your time to perfect your craft, the authority figure, and delegator of life lessons, is going to take us a few steps backwards in our lives so that we can destroy anything that left that we can hide behind.

If you are hiding being an illusion of your life, an unauthentic mask of who you are, and holding onto old outdated beliefs and structures that aren't serving you, Saturn will help you see what needs to be removed. There's a karmic element at play here where the old, present, and future parts of ourselves will be blended together, integrated for our highest good so that we may come out of this retrograde fast tracked onto our path forward with the karmic energy of the past having been cleared away, while we fully embrace the newly transformed self.

This particular retrograde is a life changer. We will see it play out on a global scale through the banking systems, government bodies, and religious communities as they fall, crumbling into a heap of old energy that isn't strong enough to weather our modern day storms. There is already evidence of this taking place on a global platform, and Saturn has a hand in it.

This retrograde is also very potent because Saturn is joining Pluto in Retrograde in Capricorn as well, bringing all of the power and control issues to light. Pluto is triggering the darkest parts of ourselves, the not-so-good emotions surrounding obsession, guilt, fear, doubts, insecurities, and anger, so that we can use these darker emotions to transform them into light.

Together, Saturn and Pluto will do a retrograde dance over the next 4.5 - 5 months causing all of our lives a bit of re-organization and refinement. Because this is taking place in Capricorn, the focus of this disruption, all in divine order, is to focus on the roles and responsibilities we have in life, and to breakdown the restrictions we've been living under in order to truly live more freely in the new world we are creating.

Our foundations, global systems, and structures are outdated, and because we - as a collective - are no longer satisfied with the happenings in the world on the global platform, an uprising of humanity will assist in helping those structures crumble as we are ready to build new.

We are in the year of building, the year of creation, but there are safety and financial concerns building a new structure on a foundation that isn't strong enough to withhold the new design. With this visual, we can clearly see that the cornerstones of the existing foundation need to be restrengthened, re-supported, re-poured in order to be structurally sound.

This is Saturn, the structural engineer coming in to overlook the project, and we've received a failing grade. Construction is halted to a stop so we can bulldoze the structure and its footings, only to start over and build it right from the beginning. And there's Pluto, the General Foreman of the job, irate and furious that the job is costing him money, he's insulted that his position of authority has been overruled by the engineer. This is HIS job, and HIS word goes.

Now he is obsessed, trying to hold onto any inch of the job he can save, not realizing that his need to control the situation when it's in the best interest of the future population that will house this structure, preventing what will be a huge, tragic disaster, where the structure could fall, endangering people's lives, is holding up the path of moving forward. He needs to stop, put himself in time out, and realize that he is wasting precious time and energy trying to protect and save something that is beyond repair. His only option now is to harness the power of his anger and disappointment and focus on rebuilding this project properly from the ground up.

With this shift in perspective, after surrendering to the situation that cannot be changed, he pools together his resources and gets the project on track and built the way the engineer suggested in the first place.

Surprisingly, the project gets completed much sooner than he had anticipated because the group of workers all got on the same page, believed in the same goal, and together, their energy accelerated them down their projected timeline leading them into the successful completion of the project. This is a perfect example of Saturn and Pluto being retrograde in Capricorn, and what we can expect over the next few months.

The key here, is to surrender. Recognize the fight you are fighting, see the reasons of why you are trying so hard to hold onto the outdated structures in your life KNOWING that they aren’t solid or strong enough to house the new dreams you are looking to build, and refocus your power and energy to embrace the change and start building new.

As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I'd be more than happy to help guide you through.

Daily Vibes

Daily Vibes