The Mother Wound

With another Mother's Day upon us, it's important to remember and realize that not everyone has a hallmark Mother's Day experience. The Mother-Wound is one of the deepest wounds we can bear here in this lifetime, and for good reason.

Entering into a Mother-Child soul contract with someone in this lifetime bears great weight on our karma (both past, present, and future). It is a soul contract that normally carries with it great life lessons, either of love, support, and encouragement, or pain, trauma, and chaos. Of course there are many situations that fall in between those extremes, but the bottom line is, the Mother-Child relationship is one like no other.

If you are a daughter, please realize that you are the divine embodiment of the feminine energy. Females are the carriers of life, and act as a bridge for souls to incarnate in human form. A Mother has the gifted responsibility of walking the line between the spirit world and this earthly realm. She is the chosen vessel in which G.O.D. delivers new life to earth.

If you are a son, please realize that you are the divine embodiment of masculine energy. Males are the carriers of the spark that triggers life to blossom and take form. Although you are an important piece of the puzzle for life to even take place, what you create takes form outside of you, making the connection between you and your offspring totally different than the connection a woman has with her child.

Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, a son or daughter, a Father or Mother, you are a child of someone. If you are lucky and blessed, you still have your Mother here, in this earthly realm. By G.O.D.'s good graces you may even love, cherish, respect, and adore this woman in whom you call Mom. By all means, take every opportunity to show your love and appreciation for the one you call Mom, not just on Mother's Day, but every day she is still with you here in this lifetime.

Many people have lost their Mothers to spirit, creating a huge Mother-Wound in their heart and soul. Those that had a great relationship with their Mother and now walk the earth without her, suffer in great sadness on occasions such as these.

If you are a child (no matter your age) with a Mom in spirit, honour your Mother's memory and your relationship with her by doing something nice for yourself. Your Mother would, after all, be taking care of you if she were still here to do so, so the least you can do is take care of yourself, so you don't have her up there worried about you!

If you have lost your Mom to Spirit and didn't have a good relationship with her here in this lifetime, you carry a Mother-Wound within you. This Mother-Wound can only be resolved by forgiving yourself for feeling relief of not having to do the Mother's Day thing here on earth.

When a Mother-Child soul contract exists of pain and sadness, there is a certain relief felt by the child when the Mother departs from this realm and enters into spirit. There is much guilt, anger, and resentment, that still lives on inside of you regardless of whether or not you are at peace with her departure and role she played in your life.

You can honour your soul contract with her, regardless of the pain and suffering she may have caused you here in this lifetime, by forgiving yourself for the role in which you had to play in the relationship.

Forgive yourself for feeling guilt over feeling relieved of the obligatory Mother's Day events that you no longer have to take part in due to your Mother's passing. Forgive and love yourself for the amount of pain you've carried as a result of that.

If you are a child who is lucky enough to still have your Mother alive and walking this earth, but have a Mother-Wound due to her neglect, mistreatment, or failure to be the Mom you wanted or deserved, then you are bearing a pretty heavy Mother-Wound yourself.

Sometimes our Mothers are our greatest teachers, giving us the harshest lessons to learn from. These kind of occasions rip the wound wide open, because you're stuck. You can't take part in all the love, honour, and joy, that is plastered everywhere we look around Mother's Day, because you weren't blessed with a Mother in a role deserving of that honour.

Your Mother's soul (and your soul) made an agreement long before either of you took form here on earth, and for the purpose and evolution of both your Soul's growth, you decided that this Mother-Wound was something you both could learn deep life lessons from.

So while it may be hard to stomach this mushiness others display over their healthy Mother-Child relationship, you can honour the soul contract you and your Mother agreed to, by displaying the love for yourself that you wish your Mom had shown or given to you.

The deepest Mother-Wound that I feel exists in our realm of emotional experience, is that of a Mother's love for her child. Upon receiving the news of pregnancy, the miracle that took place inside of you, you feel love.

Even Mothers who didn't plan the pregnancy and are unsure about the responsibility it will bear upon them, a part of their soul falls in love with the soul attached to the life inside them.

Mothers who give their children up for adoption don't do so because they don't love their child enough to keep them, they do so because the love they have for their child is so great, that they feel someone else would be better at raising them.

Even years later, whether they got reunited with their child or not, the love that they have for their child in which they gave away, still runs so deep that the Mother-Wound they created within themselves, never fully heals.

Many Mothers carry great guilt as they raise their children. Guilt that they aren't doing a good job, that they aren't the kind of Mom their kids deserve; the list of Mom guilt is long.

Essentially, that guilt creates a wound within the Mother, that will unintentionally be passed down to her kids. Kids are amazing little beings. They come from a place where our souls live in a state of unconditional love. Their wonderment and knowledge about a world they haven't lived in for very long, is what our true essence actually is.

Kids can read energy and pick up on vibrations that you might not even sense yourself. So the Mom-Wound that you are creating within yourself is not only seen by your children, but it is felt. It translates into a child's mind as, "Mommy's sad. Mommy's stressed out. What can I do to make Mommy happy?" And bam! Your child now feels responsible for your happiness.

It is very important to be mindful of your energy as a Mom, knowing that words and actions mean nothing if the energy behind them is off. So free your children of them feeling responsible for your happiness. Instead, show them what self-worth, self-confidence, and self-love looks like. Be the example. Heal the Mother-Wound that you are creating within yourself, so your kids won't have to heal their Mother-Child wound within themselves later on in life.

As if the self-perpetuated Mother-Wound isn't deep or painful enough to live with as you are parenting your child, the wound in which a Mother carries from losing her children is by far the deepest wound I feel you can bear here in this lifetime.

No one should ever have to lose a child, at any age, at any stage of life. Although many people die before their children do, the unfortunate bunch that have to bury their children, in a physical or emotional way, leaves a wound so great that I often wonder if they ever really heal.

If you've been following me for any length of time, you may recall the fact that I lost my twin babies during a horrible pregnancy that actually lead to their deaths, and my own. The near-death-experience that I had as a result of pregnancy complications, left wounds within my soul so deep that sometimes I feel like they could swallow me whole.

Every year that passes, I feel like THIS might be the year in which I don't breakdown on Mother's Day, remembering what could have been. And every year I get proven wrong.

The events in which I lost my babies, and had my NDE, gave me the gifts and abilities I now have and use to help others. Sometimes it seems like a really bad trade. As much as I love to be able to help those struggling on their path, I selfishly would give it all up to be able to have my children here with me instead of them being in spirit.

Because I have finally made peace with the fact that everything happens for a reason, that everything, as bad and unfair as it all may seem, is happening according to a bigger, more divine plan; because I have finally accepted these facts, I have now switched my perspective to try and heal my Mother-Wound.

By honouring them, and the lives they sacrificed here in the earthly realm, in order for me to be gifted with the ability to help others through their darkness, their memory lives on inside me.

The Mother-Wound that I carry, from the Mother-Child relationship I have with my Mom, and the wound that I have received from losing my children, is one that will probably never fully heal in this lifetime. But each year, I take an active stance on honouring my Mother for being my greatest teacher in life, and by honouring my children who, without them, I wouldn't even be able to celebrate myself as a Mother each year in their honour.

So today, however you are feeling, please take time to identify your Mother-Wound. Acknowledge it, accept it, and honour it in a way that always comes back to honouring yourself. Regardless of the soul contracts you are involved in and how they have impacted your life and the relationship with your Mother, you have to honour yourself.

May this be the Mother's Day that your Mother-Wound finally heals.

If you require any assistance healing your Mother-Wound, please book a session online, and I'd be more than happy to help guide you through.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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