Venus In Taurus & Mars In Cancer

Today, we have two very important energetic shifts taking place that will effect us and our focus greatly.

First, Venus - the Goddess of love, beauty, worth, and money moves from the fiery energy of Aries, to the grounded, earth energy of Taurus. Venus rules over Taurus and as this is her place of both comfort and power, we will feel the effects of this shift much more intensely.

When the Goddess of love, beauty, and money is in Taurus, we shift our focus onto re-evaluating our relationships, what we find beauty and pleasure in, and we amp up our self-worth. Taurus is focused on long-term commitments, long-term foundations, and long-term abundance.

Venus in Taurus will have our relationships on spotlight as we review whether or not they are strong and stable enough to support us in the future. How we are sharing ourselves with others will be spotlighted as we tweak our self-worth and where we now see value in ourselves where we may not have before. What we do for work, how we are using our skills and talents, and how we are being productive in acquiring the material possessions we see as success and value will be under review. We want to do something in life that not only brings in the money, but that has meaning and purpose.

With Venus in her place of power, we will be feeling our beauty from the inside out. It's important that we work on making sure our inner worlds and how we think and feel about ourselves are matching what we are projecting out into the world. We want to look and feel our best and Venus in Taurus will have us truly seeing and embracing our beauty.

Because both Venus and Taurus are earth signs and embody the divine feminine, we will see a huge uprising in honouring the feminine energy within ourselves, and supporting causes that will help assist mother earth to heal. It is most important to be thinking long-term while Venus is in Taurus (until June ??) as we are now taking action and making sure the basic building blocks of our foundations are in place and ready to grow upon.

The second energy shift we have happening on the same day, is Mars -the warrior planet ruling drive, action, energy, passion, and even anger - moving from the mental plane ruler Gemini, into the emotionally, intuitive nurturing sign of Cancer.

Mars' time in Gemini allowed us to think more clearly, process the details of our lives more logically, and allowed us to express and communicate ourselves with more bravery and courage. Now with the warrior planet moving into a placement of weakened strength for him, we will see the effects of this energy in how we focus our energy, how we take action on issues, and where our emotions may get the better of us.

Mars is a masculine fire sign, acting on impulse and asserting itself by whatever means necessary to go after whatever is the main focus. Mars is a passionate energy and has a hard time balancing its passion with its aggression. Because Cancer is a water sign, it really slows Mars down after going what he wants. It makes Mars have to stop and consider the emotional state of his actions and the repercussions he could face if he exerted his force. This isn't something Mars is used to, and so it does have a tendency to cause some frustration.

Cancer embodies the feminine energy of the Mother role, ruled by the Moon, while Mars is a masculine energy that doesn't enjoy being told what to do. With Mars in Cancer we will see the focus shift to our home and family. We will have to do our best to try and avoid domestic disputes as emotions tend to run high under this transit.

This is a great time to see where we aren't feeling nurtured, and where we may need to step back in the nurturing of others. Mars will help us to take action on enforcing changes within the home and family dynamic so that we are allowing ourselves to take care of ourselves first, making sure we are our best selves to take care of others.

With these two very powerful and intense shifts taking place, you can count on some really powerful changes in perspective surrounding the topic and themes these shifts spotlight. If you haven't already listened to your Monthly Forecast to see where these shifts are going to effect your life the most, you can still do so by clicking here.

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As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online, and I'd be more than happy to help guide you through.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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