Mercury Enters Cancer

Today, the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury, moves from his place of power and strength in Gemini, to the deep emotional and intuitive, family oriented sign of Cancer.

Mercury, although not at his strongest self here in Cancer, plays a very important role of communicating our deep seated emotions involving the family dynamic, with a clarity and intelligence that has us expressing ourselves from an emotionally intense stand point.

Mercury’s logic and practicality get slightly blurred during his time in Cancer, but once an emotion is triggered, he does use his power to make us contemplate and process the emotion fully, before we express our thoughts and feelings to others.

Because Mercury rules the mental plane, and Cancer rules our heart space, you will see a beautiful dance between the two, meeting in the middle where the throat chakra is located. This is a time of heightened sensitivity and awareness, and will have us connecting the dots, unpacking our pain, and speaking our truth with such clarity and ease that we won’t even believe how fluid our conversations and interactions with others will be.

Don’t be fooled though, we are talking about some very intense emotions here. These are the conversations that we’ve been avoiding and that we’d rather not have. But because the goal of this energy is to give us emotional and intuitive insight, blended with the intellectual insight we are piecing together in the mental plane, we really will have a totally different perspective on our home and family dynamic. We are emotionally charged and intellectually centered.

This, although a time where domestic disputes could be on the rise (especially with Mars - the God of War - already in Cancer we also have an opportunity for a huge emotional clearing as we put closure to some long term family issues and traumas. The role of Mother could be triggered for many people as Cancer rules the Mother figure and the role of family nurturer.

It’s also going to be a time where we stand up for ourselves and let others know what we need to feel safe, secure and supported. This is about nurturing ourselves as easily as we nurture others.

Use this energy to clear the air on any family drama, any topics surrounding what it is you need from your loved ones, and a time to heal some emotional Mother wounds

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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