New Moon In Leo

Today we have our Black, Super New Moon in Leo which serves as the catalyst for us to emerge with brand new energies and sense of self. This is the tipping point so to speak, where after months of emotional anguish we are feeling strong enough, revived, and renewed enough, to stand tall and proud as we walk out of the dark cave we've been hiding in.

This is a black moon, meaning it is the second New Moon in the same month (which doesn't happen very often), and it's also a super moon as the proximity of the moon from earth is at its closest distance, not only appearing closer than ever, but the intensity in which this moon is effecting the tides (and the water within us) is extreme.

A New Moon is classically a time to invite new ideas, intentions, new elements to our lives, and this New Moon is not only a great time to be setting new intentions, but it is the first New Moon in months that actually support us in manifesting.

We have been beaten down and knocked over the last couple of months. With eclipse season breaking us down, with all the planets in retrograde forcing a pressurized transformation of our inner-selves, this new moon, the absolute center of the zodiac wheel and galactic calendar has our hearts wide open, bearing all wounds in the name of love.

This New moon carries a lot of power, asking us to step up and take ownership, to take back our power, to take control of our lives, and to be the leader we need to be in our own worlds. This new moon takes place only 46 minutes before mercury comes out of retrograde, meaning we can finally start moving forward again and escape the emotional waters that many of us have been drowning in.

This New Moon taking place in Leo is the heart of the lion. This is when we allow the heart to lead, to show us where it is we've been living in fear, and where we've allowed our ego and critical mind to block our intuition and our heart from making the decisions.

Under this energy we are being encouraged to take the anxieties we feel in our gut up into our heart space, and the fears and doubts we create in our mental space, down into the heart chakra. And when you calm the mind long enough, you will see that the heart knows and heals all. No one knows you better than you know yourself.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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