Jupiter Goes Direct

Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion has been retrograde in its place of comfort and power since April 10th, 2019. Jupiter first entered its place of power in Sagittarius back in November of 2018, providing us with major learning opportunities where expanding our minds, beliefs, and spiritual self is concerned.

When Jupiter went retrograde back in April, the energetic force and influence Jupiter usually lends us to make things happen outside of ourselves, turned the energy inward for a journey and exploration of our inner world. It has been a time of huge consciousness expansion as we've connected to our intuition and spiritual selves, helping to grow and expand the way we see ourselves and the world we live in.

If you know what area of your birth chart this transit is taking place in, you can bet that area of your life has seen the greatest growth, through the harshest of challenges since Jupiter moved into Sagittarius.

We've received huge revelations that we can't just unknow. We've revealed lots of repressed truth and memories, we've conscious or unconsciously have identified where it is in our life we've been trying to escape. And because Jupiter is all about growth and expansion, these issues have been magnified under this influence to really grab our attention.

Jupiter really doesn't mean any harm. It is the most positive planet we could have working in our favour, but Jupiter's energy does have the whole "blessing in disguise" kind of vibe. We really do face some ugly truths with Jupiter's help and assistance, but in this case, the truth really does set you free!

Now that Jupiter is going direct, we can take all we've learned about ourselves and our truth, and actually do something about it in our external lives. If you had people close to you reveal their ugly side and you can't unknow certain details, you might just have to implement some boundaries moving forward or choose to disconnect all together.

If you discovered a new truth in your relationship, how you feel about yourself, your career, or your desires, you will now receive an energy boost to go ahead and make the necessary changes in your external world to reflect your inner growth and the revelations you've received.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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