Why Manifesting Doesn't Work

Why Manifesting Doesn't Work


I’m sure you’ve heard of manifesting. It’s where you are guided into a meditative state, where you create a detailed vision of what it is you want in life, and where you practice matching your vibration and frequency to your vision as if you’ve already been living what it is you are trying to manifest.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably read up on every article you can find on how to manifest your perfect partner, your soulmate, your twin flame, your perfect career, your dream house, and the kind of money you have only ever dreamed of. I have spent countless hours in a meditative state, holding a vision so detailed and clear that I could smell the smells of the environment. I could pick out the details of the decor on the walls. I could feel the items within my environment, and hear the sounds echoing in the background. I have repeated countless mantras throughout my day, speaking my vision into existence, only to feel like a failure. Nothing seemed to work. It made me feel like a “spiritual dummy”, a "spiritual failure”.

What was I doing wrong?

As it turns out, manifesting (although seemingly very easy) is literally a matter of the mind. I have followed many spiritual gurus in my journey and they all make it sound so easy.

“It’s all your mind!” they say. “If you are able to envision it, and think as if you’ve already received it, then it’s already yours.”

Great! But how long does this take?

I am a true believer the the power of the mind. I have overcome death itself, a physical healing recovery like no other. I have maintained staying positive with the challenges I face on a daily basis, so to say I’m of a weak mind would be a blatant lie.

After feeling disappointed in not being able to manifest the things I desired, after feeling so stupid about how “easy” this is suppose to be, and how “instantaneous” this process was suppose to yield results, I had to dig a bit deeper.

As it turns out, the reason why manifesting doesn’t work, is because of the disconnect in energy, frequency, and vibration. It’s not enough to hold a vision, or to say a mantra, or to think so positively as if you’ve already received what it is you’ve been asking for, if your vibration doesn’t match, it ain’t happening.

So how is someone who is suffering from great physical pain suppose to vibrate of a frequency of good health? How is someone who has been financially struggling their whole life suppose to know what it feels like to have enough money in the bank account to not tally up their grocery order before getting to the checkout? (You know, to avoid the embarrassment of not having enough money to pay for it?) How is someone who has only ever been in toxic and damaging romantic relationships suppose to manifest a happy, healthy, romantic partner if they don’t know what that kind of love feels like?

The short answer is… you can’t.

The emotional frequency is what activates a vision to actually manifest here in our physical realm. But if we have no reference of that kind of emotion, how are we ever going to get what it is we’ve been trying to manifest?

In the many years of my struggle, I have tried countless programs; guided mediations, visualizations, deep trance and meditative sessions, and still was unable to produce the kind of results I was looking for. Until I found NLP (neurolinguistic programming). It’s a fancy way of rewiring your brain to the frequency it needs to be at, in order to connect emotionally and energetically to your desired outcome.

What was missing from all of my previous methods was that emotional frequency to activate the vision. I stumbled upon a whole bunch of scientific studies and reports about how frequency and NLP can rewire your subconscious brain. Seeing as we live out our lives making decisions and acting out behaviours that are all seeded from the subconscious; and seeing as 95% of the subconscious programming we live off of is the foundation of what we absorb in the first 7 years of our lives, that doesn’t leave a good percentage of opportunity to rewrite our subconscious programming on our own.

Because I have struggled with money in the past (being physically disabled at 23 put a damper on my monetary success), I didn’t have the money to sign up or purchase these huge professional NLP programs. I finally came across a company, who not only had amazing audio files that you could feel were activating your energy body and vibration at the moment of listening, but they too understood that those who need these programs weren’t rich. Why would you need an NLP to gain financial stability and abundance if you already had money, right?!

So I skeptically tried the most affordable audio program and fell in love. Not only can you feel the sensations of the frequency vibrating through your body, but you can actually feel the results in a short time frame. I wasn’t expecting much. I am the biggest skeptic there is, for the most part. But i’m fascinated with neuroscience and with spirituality, so understanding how these audio files worked was super important to me.

No, I didn’t get rich over night. But, I did see an increase in my business the very next day.

After weeks of not booking any appointments (the one-on-one consultation business is feast or famine), I listened to the financial money booster audio and had 3 clients book an appointment the very next day. Of course I thought it was a coincidence (if you believe in coincidence), so I put out an intention that day before listening to the audio file. I made a little arrangement with the Universe and within my mind, that if this was legit, I would make $500 by the end of the week. I listened to the audio, and bam I booked appointments equalling $500 that week. I was thrilled.

At that point, I didn’t care how it happened, I was just happy that it did happen. So I decided to step up my game. I had been living with family members at the time (disability doesn’t give you much to live off of) and I REALLY wanted my independence back. So I set out to manifest my dream place. I held my vision, got specific on the details, and listened to the manifestation audio in the NLP program. Through some trials and tribulations (mostly having the patience), after about 3 weeks of holding the vision while listening to the audio files, I had the most perfect place literally drop into my inbox; perfect price, pet-friendly, location was a gem, and it was almost identical looking to the vision I had held for myself.

My jaw dropped. Holy shit… I think I cracked the code!

These audio files really do work! And since then, I have slowly added to my library of trusted NLP programs and use them daily. I believe in these programs SO MUCH that I have partnered with this company and would like to share a FREE audio NLP of your choosing. Honestly, it’s FREE!

If you have the money to purchase the programs specific to your current struggle, I would definitely recommend you do so, but if you are like I was, and couldn’t afford that kind of investment, sign up for your free download and be patient. This company is known for sending emails, encouraging you to purchase their products, but every now and then, if you’re patient enough, they will offer you another free downloadable file. It’s worth the email spam, I promise.

All I can say, is yes, manifesting doesn’t work unless you’re able to embody the vibration to activate your vision to come into reality. And yes, it’s damn near impossible to do that, if you have no emotional reference to pull from. But with a little bit of help from NLP programming, you will feel the shift inside of you, and you will start to see the things you’ve been trying to manifest actually happen.

If you’re ready to open your mind and allow the frequency healing of NLP start working for you, click the button below to sign up for your FREE audio file.

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***Disclaimer: I have partnered with this company and because of that, I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase any of their NLP programs in the future.***

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