How To Ground According To Your Zodiac Sign

What exactly IS grounding?

You may hear that term quite a bit these days, but what exactly does that even mean? Grounding is a term for techniques used to calming the mind and body by refocusing and balancing the energies within. When the energy centers (or Chakras) within us get out of balance, it can greatly impact our lives.

Our thoughts and feelings can be a great indicator of how balanced we are and which energy centers are out of whack. When you hear someone say you need to be more grounded, it means you need to calm yourself, refocus, and recenter. The best way to stay, and keep grounded, is to spend time in nature. We as a society have filled our days with stimulation such as phones, computers, and tv. Most of those activities take place indoors, which has disconnected our human instincts to be at one with nature.

Our ancestors were at one with the earth and used the elements (earth, wind, air fire) to their advantage. All of the distractions we now have, have not only taken us away from what is natural and ingrained in us, but it also adds to the electromagnetic confusion inside our bodies. Wifi, radio & cell phone towers, and microwaves all give off enough electromagnetic frequencies to mess with our energy centers throwing them out of whack.

So what do we do about it!? Well, the most common practice to ground is to be in nature, bare foot in the grass, under trees, or just simply outdoors breathing fresh air. There are ways to enhance your grounding experience based on your zodiac sign as well.

Below you will find grounding tips for everyone, and tips specifically for your zodiac.It's important to note that just because you were born under a certain zodiac sign doesn't mean that corresponding element is your most dominate.

In order to fully understand your dominant elements and characteristics, it's always recommended to acquire your Natal or Birth chart. For all intent and purposes though, this article will base the best grounding tips for you based off of your zodiac sign.

A simple grounding exercise anyone can do from anywhere in the world (great  for those who can't get outdoors) is to take a deep breath through your nose for the duration of a 5 second count, hold the breath for a 5 second count, and then a slow release of that breath through the mouth for a 5 second count. Do this 3 times, and then imagine yourself sitting in a field under a beautiful huge tree. The sun is shining and the warm breeze hits your skin. 

Are you still breathing?!

As you look up through the canopy of leaves to the sky, you take a deep breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, and then exhale through your mouth for 5 seconds. Imagine you are sitting there, in a magical invisible bubble where no one and nothing can get to you; not a person, not an animal, not a bug. You are safe in this bubble, and can relax.

Another breath in, another breath out.

You feel the earth under you. You see the sky above you, and you see nature all around you. Imagine this beautiful beam of white light streams down from the sky and it envelopes you in its light. Imagine this beam of light streams down, piercing right through your body and continues through the earth below you. If you were able to step outside of the invisible bubble and look at yourself sitting there, you'd see this beautiful ray of white light beam down from the sky, through you, and through the earth.You're back in your bubble now, and you are still breathing. Deep breath in, slow breath out.

Imagine, as you close your eyes you can hear the sounds of nature all around you; the birds chirping, the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves. Your eyes flicker behind your eye lids as the sunlight shines down through the leaves and branches of the tree in a strobe light like fashion. You are warm, you are safe, you are at peace.

Imagine with every breath you take into your lungs, you draw in the clean, positive, white light from this ray shining down upon you. Imagine with each breath out, you allow bits and pieces of your stress, anxiety, and worry leave your body. Deep breath in, slow breathe out. With each breath you take in, the light from this beam fills your body with calmness. With each breath out, you exhale the thoughts that pop into your head.

You open your eyes and observe the tree beside you, strongly rooted into the earth, reaching tall into the sky to chase the sunshine, and watch as it gently sways in the wind with ease. You imagine yourself as this tree. Sitting on the ground, with the earth below you, you allow yourself to visualize the roots underneath your body, planting you firmly into the ground. As you look above ground now, you see the trunk of the tree, solid and unwavering in the breeze.

As you look up, you see the branches stem off of the tree and realize your arms are your branches; extensions of your strong base, yet flexible enough to dance in the wind without breaking. The tree uses their branches to help balance, swaying back and forth, stabilizing the trees center. As you imagine the top of the tree, filled with the many branches and leaves, you can't help but to see that these branches and leaves represent your thoughts and feelings extending out into the world.You imagine yourself as the tree now; strong enough to withstand even the toughest of storms, able to weather the winds, and even though faced with challenges and harmful outside influences, it remains rooted into the ground. It sways back and forth in the wind, dancing with the adversity to remain solid in their footings.Sure, trees may lose some leaves, and even branches, and sure, some disastrous storms have the potential to snap your trunk in half and totally uproot you from the earth altogether. But today, is not that day.

You feel firmly planted in the earth. You feel your strength from deep within your core, and you have the ability to dance with any outside influence that comes to stripe you of your leaves.You are strong, you are protected, you are of the earth.

Take another deep breath in, and as you feel the air enter your lungs tell yourself, "I draw in the strength of the earth to stay grounded." Breathe out and say, "I offer my excess energy back to the earth." Again, breathe in, breathe out. You should definitely be feeling a change inside now, as you have just completed your grounding exercise. You can do this technique any time, in any place.

If you make it a daily practice, you will notice a change in how you handle the events in your day-to-day life. If you only use these technique when experience inner conflict, that's okay too. Use this technique when life gets too overwhelming and you need to center yourself. It is always recommended to do these exercise outdoors, but isn't necessary.

For my water element friends - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces - you will find that water calms you and soothes your mind, body, and soul. If you can visit a body of water, do so, but for those who can't, you should consider inviting a water feature into your space. The sound of a water fountain has proven to be very calming and therapeutic for most people, however, my water elements friends find it to be a much deeper therapy than that. Water has the power to ground you and bring you back to center really quickly. You probably have great ideas and moments of clarity during your baths or showers. Whenever you are feeling upset or overwhelmed, introduce water to your life ASAP. Adding Epsom salts to your bath or showers will help ground your energy even more, however, if you can submerge in a lake or ocean, that would be ideal. In your day-to-day life, when your energy is uncomfortable, run your hands under cold water to help ground in a hurry. Want another real life grounding hack?! Carry packets of salt in your purse (or man purse) to use to rub in between your hands under the water.

For my air elements - Aquarius, Gemini, Libra - you will find that air, or the wind calms you and brings you a sense of clarity. If you can be outdoors and have the wind hit your face, do it. If you can reach a mountain top or hill, even the top of a building, do it. For day-to-day life hacks, fan yourself when you are becoming overwhelmed and always open a window where you can allow the breeze to enter your space. Wind chimes are also a therapeutic element for you, as the wind is the life force behind them. A real life grounding hack: stick your hand out the window while driving (keep one on the wheel) to feel the air on your skin. Anything you can do to create a sense of wind and space will help you center and regain clarity.

For my fire elements - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - you will find that fire soothes your soul. If you are able to be outdoors around a campfire, you will find your inner peace. If you are unable to be around a fire, then lighting candles and incense will work to help you ground. Smudging (burning sage) will help to calm you quickly, as the scent of burning literally ignites your soul. Please refrain from being an irresponsible fire bug, but definitely create ways to invite fire into your life. An indoor real life grounding hack would be for you to have flame-less candles lit, or a fake fireplace. Nothing is as good as the real thing, however, "You gotta do, what you gotta do."

For my earth elements - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - you are already of the earth and find yourself drawn to the earth in times of confusion. Although you already have these grounding techniques in your blood my earth element friends, you do need to practice grounding technique to gain clarity and calmness. If you can get outdoors and get your bare feet and bare hands in the dirt, do it. If you can dig a hole and FEEL the earth, do it. If you are unable to get outdoors to do these exercises, get yourself some live plants and greenery for your home and office space. Invite a sand garden into your environment and have stones or pebbles in a vase for you to touch and handle for therapeutic uses. Of course getting outdoors and into the elements are most recommended, but the real life hacks will do in a pinch.

The goal is to FORCE yourself to do these activities in the times when you REALLY don't want to. You will notice an immediate difference in your overall energy and well being.If you haven't already signed up to receive our newsletter, you can do so by clicking here.

Many blessing to you on your grounding journey! 

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