Neptune Goes Retrograde


Every planet goes retrograde (backwards in its path) at some point. We are all too familiar with Mercury retrogrades, and although each planet has a different effect on us when they retrograde, the planets closest to us, like Mercury and Venus are felt a bit more than the planets that are further away from the Earth, like Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. Although the effects of these planets are less than what we would experience from our neighboring planets, don't be fooled in thinking the effects won't be felt at all.Today, June 18, 2018, Neptune has gone retrograde. Neptune, the "dreamy" planet of idealism and imagination, along with illusions and confusion, is the ruler of Pisces, a water sign (emotions), and rules the 12th astrological house of the subconscious and deeper emotions.Neptune is a planet that sometimes encourages us to live a life of denial. It lends the energy that can encourage us to make excuses, and will support us to live in a world of daydreams and illusions. It also encourages us to continue ignoring dark truths that we really should be confronting head on. When Neptune goes backwards (retrograde), it can feel like we've had a bucket of cold water thrown at our faces, forcing you into the uncomfortable situations that you need to be in — all in the name of growth.From now, until November 24, 2018, when the retrograde ends, we will all feel the overall effects of this transit. Some of the feelings you can expect to face will be uncomfortable to say the least, but very imperative for your growth. A Big Wake-Up Call Is About To Happen...You're going to be faced with some truths and realities that you've been trying hard to ignore. Because Neptune's dreamy energy allows us to quickly pass over unpleasant truths, its move backwards gives us the opposite effect: a harsh wake-up call. Try not to react initially to this news, and instead allow time for it to be absorbed and contemplated over before getting too emotional over it.Some Serious Self-Reflection Is About To Take Place...Neptune is a planet of spirituality and provides a great energy and opportunity for both personal and spiritual growth. This retrograde provides the perfect time and energy to go inward to discover your true wants, needs and desires. You will be able to identify the areas of yourself that requires a bit more attention and work, by figuring out what in life is working FOR you, or AGAINST you. Neptune in retrograde offers a strength in ridding bad behaviors; whether it be putting a stop to self-sabotaging tendencies, or ridding one's self of an addiction. Addictions begin primarily due to the want and desire to escape reality, so this retrograde lends the power to step out of escapism.Spiritual Growth Is On The Agenda...Neptune retrograde is also super helpful when it comes to spiritual growth. This growth stems from a foundation of confusion at first, as you contemplate what it is you actually believe in. Even those who stand firm in their beliefs will find themselves second guessing their understanding of spirituality and how it's a part of their lives. This is a great time to come to terms with your spirituality and to get a better understanding of it. You will have new ideas or understandings around your spirituality, which can cause inner-conflict and confusion. Be patient with yourself during this time and process. When Neptune goes direct on November 25th, clarity soon follows, and we may receive a new understanding that we will then have to integrate within ourselves in order to move forward.You're Going To Have Some Pretty Profound Ah-Ha Moments...With this Neptune retrograde forcing us to acknowledge things we've been trying really hard to ignore, you'll also be having some important revelations, or ah-ha moments. Neptune’s "dark side" is actually a blessing in disguise, as it uncovers the harsh realities of what we've been avoiding. Be forewarned that these ah-ha moments might be painful to acknowledge and absorb, but it's super important to face these issues head on. You'll be pushed out of your dream world to face reality and get real with yourself. Endings of bad relationships, jobs, and anything else that makes you unhappy, is highly likely during Neptune's retrograde as it gives you the swift kick in the butt you need in order to make the changes necessary that you might regularly just try to ignore. Neptune in retrograde gives you the push you need to leave the negative behind.You'll Have The Energy And Motivation To Take Action...Even in an uncomfortable state of acknowledging things you've tried so hard to ignore and keep hidden, you will also have the energy and motivation to make long lasting changes to your life. Neptune retrograde is pushing you to confront your darkest truths and step out of your dream world. It's also going to lend you the energy to push you to get things done. You're likely to feel motivated and inspired to walk away from the things that no longer work for you, and encourage you to try something new. Pay attention to your dreams during this time, and don't be surprised when certain pieces of your dreams enter your reality.You'll Feel Better Prepared In Planning For The Future...One of the best, most positive things about Neptune retrograde, is that it pushes you to make real, solid plans for your future. Between the spiritual growth, the ah-ha moments, and the motivational energy to take action, you really do have all the help you need to make important goals for your life that really are going to be good for you in the end. Neptune in retrograde will definitely show you how to start actually working towards the life you envision.You'll Have A Strong Sense Of Understanding... For many of us, we will gain a greater perspective of ourselves and the relationships we have. We will begin to see the truth of issues that have been weighing us down, and consuming our thoughts since a significant event took place in our lives last year. We are all going to experience a heightened sense of intuition during this retrograde, and with it, we will be able to receive a lot more information than usual. Trust yourself and the thoughts and feelings that arise during this time, as you will be more in touch with truth now, then ever before. Be patient with yourself as you experience the growing pains that accompany a new shift in perspective, and receiving the new information being thrown your way. Take the time to absorb the knowledge, and process it accordingly before you make any rash decisions or take action on a new path forward.It's important for all of us to spend a bit more quiet time inward, as this energy can help you reconnect with your higher sense of purpose and inner values. It's a great time to revisit that five-year plan you drew up months ago. If you feel like you've lost track of your long-term goals recently, lean into this energy as it will help you gain perspective on what it is you actually want for yourself.It's up to you to decide whether you go with the flow or whether you want to be dragged through these times of change. If you require any guidance navigating through these energies, I would be happy to help you on your path. You can book a session by clicking here.To receive information like this, mini readings, daily insights, and how you will be effected by these shifts according to your zodiac, please sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.Much love and many blessings to you during this time of change!- East Coast Energy Boutique 

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