Your Mid-Month Energy Report

 It's hard to believe that we are only half way through what has been a very goal oriented, hyper-focused month. With only one week of Capricorn season left, offering us the energy to be organized, ambitious, and practical with our day-to-day lives and with our future aspirations, we have lots of energy encouraging us to both look to the future and reflect on the past. The Capricorn energy has been super helpful in helping us emotionally detach from our issues so we can handle them and provide solutions with a bit more logic than we once would have. But being stuck on this energetic bridge between eclipses hasn't been easy.The New Year started off with a bang but many people were unable to actually get their New Years resolutions started due to the lack of energetic support from the Universe. Mercury moved into Capricorn on the 4th, helping us to think, process, and communicate a bit more effectively, but then the New Moon in Capricorn, partial solar eclipse the very next day supercharged our goals and inspirations for the year to a brand new level. That particular New Moon carried a duality to it, not only allowing the new intentions we have for ourselves to be amplified under the eclipse energy, but it also served us by bringing up some not-so-good feelings from events that were major themes in our lives in 2001, 2009, and 2018. There was an energetic closure to those themes and because of that, many people weren't feeling the brand new energy as strongly as we should have.The partial solar eclipse triggered the gateway to this energetic bridge that we've been walking over ever since. We've experienced moments of pure clarity as we expand our horizons forward, knowing exactly what steps need to be taken (and in what order) for us to not only reach our goals, but to have them be long-term successes. We've also had the energetic fog roll in creating a sense of confusion and chaos within us as we seem to lose our place on our path. The waves of uncertainty, insecurity and damn right fear washed over us, triggering feelings from the past and disrupting our clear focus on the new reality we've been walking towards.On January 6th, (the day after the eclipse took place), we had Uranus wake up from its 5 month sleep at the wheel as it's been in its retrograde position since the summer. Waking up in Aries gave us a certain "wild card" energy as the planet of unexpected opportunities and sudden changes added an intense pressure on us to get things started, freshly paving the way into our new realities as the Aries energy encourages us to do.With Uranus going direct, we hit a milestone because it is very rare that all the planets are in a direct, forward motion at one time. It can be another 100 years before this happens again, so the urge and pressure we are feeling to push forward, to move past all obstacles to initiate the brand new ideas and projects in our lives began a fury of energy within us.Some of us went ahead and tried to bring our new intentions to life, only to run into a series of brick walls and challenging obstacles right out of the gate. We have so much fire energy at play right now pushing us to move forward, but the earth energy, especially all of this Capricorn energy is pumping the brakes, asking us to slow down and not get ahead of ourselves. The earth energy wants us to perfect our plans and take little, tiny, baby steps in our new direction perfecting and strengthening every step as we go.The fire energy is very frustrated with this restriction as the main mission of fire is to create new passions and take action in making those new paths become a new reality.Luckily for us we had Venus (the planet of love, money, and beauty) move into Sagittarius where she is riding high and having a great time expanding her horizons, being flirty and experimenting with new love concepts and interests. There is a very fun loving energy that we've been exposed too, seeing how we want bigger, brighter, and better things in our lives where money and love are concerned. This free-spirited energy is definitely a little pick-me-up after the very serious energies we've been under but again, this fire energy of wanting to blaze new paths before us is being snuffed out by all of this earth energy, pulling back the reigns on all of our optimistic and hopeful plans of creating a new level of love and money in our lives.It's not that this Capricorn earth energy doesn't want us to have all this new love and fortune, but it realizes that unless we have the self discipline and willpower to solidify our plans, moving forward in a logical and practical fashion that the newness won't stick around for very long. This earth energy wants long-term success and doesn't mind putting in the hard work to get it.As we are anxiously looking to near the end of this energetic bridge on the 21st under the Full Moon in Leo (total lunar eclipse), we are being triggered to rehash some of the events that took place in our past that created a large amount of weight to our emotional pain bodies.Most of us don't even realize the weight we carry around until we feel the release of it from our Souls. Many people ask me, "Well how am I going to be triggered?" "What pain is going to resurface?" As much as I'd like to narrow it down for everyone, the truth is, we all get triggered in different ways.We all carry pain and trauma in our cellular memory. Even if we've done the mental and emotional work to release these traumas, there is still a portion that remains on a cellular level in our physical bodies.Triggers can happen in many different ways. For some it's external influences creating drama or making comments that start the fire within. For some it could be flashbacks to events in the past that you literally haven't thought about in years. Music has the ability to triggers those memories and take you back in time to relive the trauma once again.For me, it was cleaning out my purse. I was sick of the disorganization in there not being able to find anything was creating a lot of anxiety for me. So as I sat down sorting through the remnants of my life that was reflected in the state of my purse, I came across the plane ticket stubs and luggage tags from 4 years ago when I willingly sold all my belongings and moved across the country to live out what I thought was going to be the most epic love story of all time, when in fact I ended up starring in my very own psychological thriller as even the darkest nightmares became my reality.My love story became a story of pain and trauma. And even though I've cleaned out my purse many times over the past 4 years, I willingly held onto those memories. Even though I knew they were still in my purse, coming across them was like I was seeing them for the very first time. There I went, travelling back in time, reliving all the highs and lows of my adventure in what seemed to be forever in my mind, when in reality I fast forwarded through the flashbacks in a matter of minutes. Thankfully, I felt that emotional detachment from the Capricorn energy and was able to make a logical decision to get rid of those triggers once and for all.I have been advising my clients this week, to make a note of everything not-so-good that pops up and to observe what happens in the mind, body, and soul when these triggers take place. Even more so, to doubly pay attention to every time something comes up that creates a "I really don't want to deal with this right now" thought and feeling.By taking notes and acting as an observer, we are able to create a guide, or a road map to our inner healing. The minute you don't want to deal with something is exactly what needs your greatest attention. Neptune being in Pisces right now has us wanting to escape our reality, especially the not-so-fun parts. Neptune in Pisces would prefer to stay in dreamland where everything is easy and nothing goes wrong. That isn't possible during these times.These are intense periods of healing and the truth is, we don't heal when things are easy or when everything is going right. Healing and growth take place from pain and discomfort. There is no amount of healing that occurs when everything is peachy keen.So please do your inner work. Take this time and go inward. Explore the not-so-good feelings and create a road map for yourself to follow to heal the inner most pains in traumas within your emotional pain body.We are nearing the end of this bridge, and once Aquarius season hits we will be in a brand new energy to work with followed by the ending of this eclipse energy on the 21st. So use this time and energy to your advantage. You cannot create a new reality using the bricks from your past. You cannot expect to heal yourself by avoiding the not-so-good feelings in life.We are in changing times and although we are all healing at different rates, the freedom that comes with leaving that weight behind is a Universal experience. Help yourself to be lighter and let go of what's been weighing you down.As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I'd be happy to help guide you through.Many blessings to you during these times! Marlee HenryPsychic AdvisorThe Energy Boutique 

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