Venus Enters Sagittarius

Venus, the planet and Goddess of love, personal worth, money, and everything pleasurable and beautiful, enters into Sagittarius where her fun-loving, playful side comes out. The free-spirited, adventurous energy from Sagittarius turns up the heat as hearts come out of hiding as they seek to live life to the fullest and explore love in ways they haven't experienced before.Sagittarius doesn't like to be tied down in any way and wants to socialize, especially with people who are from other areas of the world. The quest for knowledge is still high on the list for Sag, but finding this knowledge through ways of love and pleasure-seeking is how this flirty adventure is going to go.Old patterns and routines within relationships are going to be thrown to the wolves under this influence, creating a new energy between those who are coupled. For singles, there is no better time to get back in the dating game than now. Even if you've been avoiding partnering up, this feel-good-fancy-free kind of energy may just have you dancing yourself right up to a stranger as we don't want to hide from love any longer.Sagittarius is on the quest for bigger, brighter, and better, stopping at nothing to explore all the avenues looking for love in all kinds of different places. This is a very playful kind of energy and things should be kept light and fluffy. Avoid getting too serious about it all and just let the good vibes flow.There is potential for things to appear grander than they may actually be, so just remember that all that glitters is not gold. Truth and honesty is super important under this influence, but the element of exaggeration is hard at play as well.Although we may be excited and riding high on this let-your-hair-down-and-have-fun kind of energy, be cautioned that the potential to overspend is very high as we are dancing around, footloose and fancy free.We are definitely going to be looking at the bright side of things now under this influence, and a resurgence of our own power, celebrating our own self-love, and new found value and worth has us feeling those loving feelings all over. We are seeing the beauty in everything now, and celebrating the optimistic and hopeful view of the future, especially concerning the matters of the heart.If you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I'd be happy to help guide you though.Many blessings to you during these times! Marlee HenryResident Reader & Psychic AdvisorEast Coast Energy Boutique

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