Mercury Enters Aquarius

With Mercury, (the planet of communication, information, and expression) leaving the hardworking, goal oriented energy of Capricorn, we now have triggered our thirst for knowledge as it makes its way into Aquarius.The time it spent in Capricorn lent us an amazing energy to sort things out and get a bit more organized, logical, and practical in our lives, especially in the ways of thinking, processing the information being revealed to us, and expressing ourselves with more clarity. We take that beautiful foundation which we created during the past month and are now transforming our energy into one where we are going after whatever knowledge and information we need to get our Capricorn plans into motion.Aquarius is an air sign and the transition Mercury makes into an air sign (being an air energy itself) is one of ease and absolute brilliance! With the Sun having just moved into Aquarius, followed by the extraordinary events of the full moon in Leo total lunar eclipse, we are ready to take our old problems and come up with new solutions. We are open to new concepts and new ways of doing things. We are eager to learn all there is to know about what it takes to bring our dreams to life.When Mercury moves into Aquarius, we are suddenly experiencing life at an accelerated rate. We are taking in details and information from our lives and processing it with extreme levels of efficiency and the ability to think outside of the box to come up with creative solutions will appear as moments of pure brilliance. It's as if somehow we are locked into some sort of higher frequency giving us bits and pieces of our future so we can connect the dots from our current standing to see what needs to take place to get to the grand vision we are bringing to life.Our minds are totally open under the influence of this energy and there is no better time to surrender to the mental powers at work allowing moments of inspirations and forward thinking innovation flow through you. We aren't limiting ourselves especially where our thinking and expressing ourselves are concerned.We are now a open book ready to write new pages and chapters in our lives. You may find yourself having great ideas that totally challenge old parts of yourself, social norms, and challenge you to be more open. Aquarius is a very rebellious energy and your thoughts and ideas might just carry that same kind of energy.Prepare yourself to be mentally exhausted by the end of Mercury's stay in Aquarius as this mental energy is intense. Our emotional, and even spiritual sides take a back seat through this transit as all this air energy infuses our intellects with a higher vibration for us to grow upon.Don't be surprised if you suddenly see your life and the people in it from a brand new angle, as the ability to switch up and change perspectives under mercury's influence in Aquarius is very high. You will feel your emotional body take a neutral place as the objectiveness of Aquarius take the lead gathering the information needed to make a fair assessment of the situation of the utmost importance.There is a great caution that comes with this mentally stimulating energy which is that you could easily hurt the feelings of those you love due to our sensitive sides being muted for our intellects to do the trailblazing. Be very cautious with the matters of the heart and navigate serious emotional conversations with great care.As always, if you require any assistance navigating these energies, please book a session online and I'd be happy to guide you through. Marlee HenryPsychic AdvisorThe Energy Boutique To make sure you don't miss a post, SUBSCRIBE TO THE VIBE for Astrological updates, Psychic insights, discounts, and online workshop and course info delivered right to your inbox.

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