Are You Curious About What A Reading Session Would Be Like?

 Ever wondered what you'd actually be getting if you booked a Reading session? Ever wondered how it actually works?Although every Medium has a different connection with Spirit, and delivers the messages in a different way, you can trust that I am connecting with your Energy Tribe in the Spirit realm to translate and relay all of the wonderful messages they have for you.I cover general themes and topics, home and family environment, career and life passions, love and relationships, and future energies. I do the best I can to relay as many messages as I possibly can within the timeframe you choose. I receive many messages from Spirit; images, feelings, impressions, sounds, vibrations, and they all come pretty fast. I do my best to make sense of all of the information I receive and relay it to you through an audio file."But how can you read for me without meeting me or being in front of me?"I have clients all over the world that I've never met. When you book a session, all I require is your name and your birthday. From there, when I enter your Reading session, I use those two pieces of information to connect to your Energy Tribe in the Spirit realm, and they are the ones who provide me with your information.I can understand how you might be skeptical, even I'm amazed at how it all works. But if you read the testimonials from my clients, you will see that not only was the connection to their Energy Tribe strong and real, but the information they received was more than just general information. It was specific to them and revealed information about their lives that they've only kept to themselves.Many people claim having a Reading session with me and listening to the information relayed from their Energy Tribe felt like "I was in their head" bringing up issues that they haven't even shared with their friends or family.I have been doing readings for 10 years now, and each time I step into someone's energy and relay the messages I receive, I am always nervous to hear their feedback. Time and time again, I am pleasantly reminded and reassured from their feedback that my connection to the Spirit Realm is very strong and very accurate.You always have the ability to gather more clarity on the information you receive, or ask any questions you may have via email. I always encourage my clients to give me feedback on their session good, bad or otherwise. Providing me with this feedback not only validates that the information I received was accurate, it strengthens my connection to your Tribe. The more you can validate the information you received, the better I can help you in future Reading sessions.I encourage you to click the link below to experience what a Reading session would be like. Once you've sampled the audio experience, if you feel like you resonate with me and would like to book a Reading session, please do so by clicking here.I appreciate your interest in my services and hope to read for you, providing you with the gift of insight on your current life situations and where you are going from here.Click here to experience what a Reading Session would be like Marlee HenryPsychic AdvisorThe Energy Boutique To make sure you don't miss a post, SUBSCRIBE TO THE VIBE for Astrological updates, Psychic insights, discounts, and online workshop and course info delivered right to your inbox.

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