New Moon In Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces takes place today granting us an unbelievable magical opportunity to really trigger the karmic events in bringing our inner dreams to the outer world. This is by far the most potent New Moon we will have this year as there are major aspects taking place with several major heavy-hitter planets.

For starters, a New Moon is a powerful time to be inviting in new energy to help us evolve and further us on our spiritual path. Because this is taking place in Pisces, the sign of the dreamer, you can expect our unconscious selves and our intuition to be connecting to the Universe at an all time high.

We had Mercury (the planet of intellect, information, and communication) go retrograde in Pisces yesterday, making us move inward as we explore how we are communicating with our inner selves, our intuitions and the Universe as we connect back to source. Having mercury retrograde in Pisces, will have us quickly looking back on how far we’ve come and take stock on where it is we still want to go.

Neptune, (Pisces ruler), is currently in the sign of Pisces (its home and comfort zone) making it act at its most potent energy, influencing our dreams and unconscious desires. Our faith in ourselves, in our intuition, and in the Universe, is at its peak now, urging us to take that leap of faith required to really put ourselves out there in the world to get into position to start seeing our inner dreams start showing up in our external realities.

The New Moon in Pisces is creating a slight tension with Jupiter in Sagittarius. With this aspect, it is just enough applied pressure on us to really be wanting to expand our horizons and go after our truths.

The New Moon is also harmonizing with Mars in Taurus, which triggers our drive and passion to really get out in the world and be seen from a different perspective. This aspect is having us do whatever we need to do in order to level up our personal finances, to better our material wealth and possessions, and to step up our productivity in our work to hit that next level of success.

As Chiron is already in Aries, pushing us to claim who we really are in the world and to come out of hiding, Mars will give us that “kick in the ass” we need to truly step into the light from our dark comfort zones.

Luckily, we can pause all the dreaminess going on to check into reality with Saturn in Capricorn. This aspect is making sure we test the strength of the foundations under us to make sure we aren’t getting carried away with ourselves and that the steps we are being urged to take are the right ones for us. We don’t want to underestimate our footings at this time and find ourselves stepping into a sink hole.

Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, unexpected opportunities, rebellion, freedom, and revolution, makes its move into Taurus today setting a brand new energy cycle for us over the next 7 years. This is no joke. Because this happens on the same day as our New Moon in Pisces, you can expect for our judgement to be slightly off and that there will be a lack of clarity until this energy gets a chance to stabilize. This will influence the leap of faith we are making during this energy be focused on where we need to land on the other side of this gap to fully embrace our new path as we set out on a quest for revitalizing the way we work, and how we acquire money and possessions.

As you can see, this New Moon is jam packed with astrological magic as we embark on a journey that we have no map for. Trusting ourselves, our intuition and the Universe is the only choice we have at this point. The more we try to hang on to old structures, habits, and beliefs, the more we try to control the events taking place and the path forward, the more difficulties we will find ourselves in. The only way out of this energy with success and with ease is to fully surrender to life and deal with whatever comes up for you with fluidity.

Going with the flow is your best bet during these times. It is better to roll than to be dragged.


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


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