Uranus Enters Taurus

Uranus, the planet of shock and surprise, unexpected and sudden change, revolution, freedom, and individuality, makes its move into Taurus where it will stay for 7 years. Uranus has an 84 year total orbit, meaning it takes that long for it to do a complete cycle throughout all the signs. It spends approximately 7 years in each sign and with each move Uranus makes it impacts us as a global collective on some pretty powerful issues.

Uranus moved into Taurus (the sign where the Goddess Venus rules over love, beauty, money and possessions) back on May 18, 2018, and stayed there until later retrograding back into Aries in November. Although the time in Taurus was not for very long, it did give us a taste of what’s about to come.

For many of us, 2018 was a time of breakdowns and destruction. Our relationships were rattled, our careers were shaken and the world came together as we supported women all over the world in the #MeToo movement. I personally had my foundations rattled into a pile of rumble as many of us did, creating a brand new opportunity to align ourselves with our authentic truth and start living lives that were supportive of our Soul’s heart and desires.

When Uranus slipped back into Aries, it gave us a bit of a break to go back to our inner worlds and clean up the mess that was created within. But now, with Uranus direct in Taurus, we can expected a huge shift in ourselves and in the world as the lightening of Uranus strikes down hitting mother earth, triggering all of us to upgrade our vibrations and frequency to support the 7 year cycle that has been initiated.

This shift will effect everyone, but will have the most impact on the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), as they get fast forwarded in life lessons forcing them to leave their comfort zones. These fixed signs do not like change unless it’s a change they themselves want and agree too. Unfortunately, they won’t have much of a choice under this particular influence to get out in the world and spice things up.

Uranus in Taurus will have long-term effects on us as this aspect favours long-term relationships, long-term growth, and long-term success. We will find ourselves attracted to things of beauty that break the mould as far as what we were previously use to being attracted to.

We will see global changes in how we protect mother earth and how we use the resources of the world. With sudden changes and unexpected opportunities revolutionizing the way we operate in our finance sector, no doubt we will feel this energy on an individual level as well.

Because Uranus is moving into Taurus on the same day as the most magical New Moon in Pisces takes place, just hours after Mercury dips into a retrograde, we can expect for the energy to be a bit wonky until it stabilizes.

Until then, it’s a perfect time to tap into the New Moon vibes, dreaming of all the beautiful things you’d like to experience in your life, especially considering the areas that Uranus and Taurus will effect.

This is a brand new world, as most of us weren’t around back in the 1930’s when Uranus and Taurus were last together, so we are all in uncharted waters. What I know to be true is that individually, we are aligning to a brand new frequency that is very supportive of our earth, its resources, and the feminine energy that spans the globe.

It is exactly what the world needs right now, so please do your part by first taking care of yourself, empowering your own energy and vibration, and recognize that when we all work on ourselves, we connect on a collective level which funnels our energy not only into each other, but into the earth as a whole.


Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique


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