The Hierophant

THE HIEROPHANT (05) is the 5th card in the Tarot's Major Arcana. It embodies the masculine energy, and the counterpart to THE HIGH PRIESTESS (02), serving as a figure of religious or spiritual guidance.

THE HIEROPHANT (05) can closely resemble a Pope or Religious teacher, as he blesses those who seek his counsel with wisdom and other worldly knowledge. He appears in the Tarot's artistry as a figure sitting between two pillars in a sacred space such as a temple. He wears 3 different coloured robes along with a 3 tiered crown, both symbolizing the 3 worlds he connects with (the conscious, the sub-conscious, and the super-conscious realms).

THE HIEROPHANT (05) points one hand to the sky funnelling blessings from heaven, as the other hand points to the blessings here on earth. Those who kneel before him, do so with the intention of learning life's mysteries, unlocking the secrets of the Universe, and seeing the integration of the blessings from both heaven and earth.

The energy surrounding this card when pulled in a reading, suggests an individual seeking spiritual wisdom, aligning with a traditional community of like-minded people, and entering into a new phase of spiritual development.

Daily Vibes

Daily Vibes