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Copper is an essential mineral found in plant life and in the human body. The use of copper dates back over 10,000 years, and is a great conductor of energy. Because our bodies operate on a basic mineral and metal makeup, as well as the electrical impulses that keep our heart pumping, our blood moving, and our overall body system in good functioning order, introducing copper jewellery to your life can help you feel better.

From a physical standpoint, copper has been said to help alleviate joint stiffness and pain, it aids on absorbing minerals into your body, it promotes heart health, and the immune system responds better when copper is introduced.

5 Health Benefits Of Wearing Copper Bracelets

  • Joint stiffness and Joint pain. Thousands of people have felt relief and relaxation from joint problems, especially those with joint stiffness. ...
  • Mineral absorption. A pure copper bracelet has micro minerals such as iron and zinc. ...
  • Increasing cardiovascular health. ...
  • Healthier immune system. ...
  • Anti-aging.

Energetically speaking, copper helps move the energy in our bodies, helping to remove blockages, keep the chi (energy) free and clear of obstacles, and it helps to stabilize the electrical charge that our bodies naturally have and produce.

When The Energy Boutique's SHOP opens on the 21st, I will be offering a few different styles of copper bracelets that will help you to feel a difference in your overall state of health and wellness. I have noticed a very cool, tingling and calming effect when wearing copper jewellery and I hope you will feel the same calming and energetic charge as I do.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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