Full Moon In Capricorn/Partial Lunar Eclipse

Today we have our full moon taking place in Capricorn, but this full moon is hyped up on some astral energies creating a huge pivot point, and crossroads in the energetic paths we walk. This partial lunar eclipse makes the full moon powers even that much more amplified, and this has been the turning point many of us have been waiting for.

We've been in weird times these past few months, and all the energy from the New Year has been building within us, breaking us down, building us back up, and now, with this celestial event bringing an ending or closure to your life, the path forward will be revealed and it will be much more aligned with our soul's purpose than we've ever been before.

This portal of energies opened up for us back in June around the Summer solstice. This has been a time of both chaos and clarity, as the accelerated manifestation window sucked us in and did some re-arranging to our lives. Basically, the Universe was shaking its head at the progress (or lack thereof) that we've done in trying to align with our soul's purpose. Because we need to be at a certain point of our evolution and growth by the time 2020 rolls around, the Universe gave us a kick in the butt during the first eclipse (full solar eclipse in Cancer) and now, we see what gets eclipsed out of our lives for good under this partial lunar eclipse energy.

You will likely see a bit of drama unfold in the sector of your life the eclipse is spotlighting (check your birth chart to see what houses this event is triggering for you), there is also going to be a door slamming on something from your past. This eclipse axis effects the Capricorn - Cancer axis, which is career, money, reputation, structures, masculine energy; versus, home life, nurturing, emotions, family dynamics, intuition, and the feminine energy.

The work/life balance needs to be re-evaluated.

On a global platform, we are watching this Capricorn energy go to work, by breaking down some outdated structures in our government, politics, religious bodies, and other systematic structures. This is where the masks start falling off of people revealing the control, and power of manipulation.

This full moon in Capricorn, lunar eclipse is also working very closely with Pluto, the God of the underworld and of great transformation, to make sure that the changes we undergo are deep on a soul level, and will be transformed under the light of the Sun.

For many people, this energy has been confusing, yet at the same time, has provided a much clearer picture about some truths and realities that maybe weren't being accepted in ones life up until now.

This is a pivot point. There is an applied pressure to our relationships and money situations right now, forcing us to expose the darkness within, all for the purpose of creating a more stable foundation for us to work upon as we move into the future.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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