Mercury Retrogrades In Cancer

Today, the planet of information, communication, and expression moves from Leo, back into Cancer. Still in a retrograde, Mercury has been making its way back through the signs revisiting some issues from the past with a different frame of mind. Mercury when retrograde, usually slows down our mental processes making the way we see things, and how we interpret information a bit cloudy and skewed.

When Mercury was retrograde in Leo, it made us go inward to explore where we are still holding pain in our hearts, where the truth was still urging to get out, where the fear of what we are too afraid to tackle head-on rose up for acknowledgement. Mercury retrogrades have the tendency to take us back in the past, to revisit some topics and themes that require attention and a new closure, and to reassess our plans before moving forward.

Now with Mercury creeping back into Cancer, we will be feeling a bit more sensitive and nostalgic than normal. The dramatics will continue, rearranging the family dynamic and reconstructing the boundaries we have in place to protect ourselves, but with Mercury now retrograde in Cancer, the emotional, and sensitive reactions will overtake what has been heated and fiery.

We are still in a time of reassessment of our plans, re-evaluating what isn't working and what needs to be tweaked, but under the Leo energy, we were running a little hot. Tempers were a bit more feisty in Leo than they will be in Cancer. Mercury retrograding back into Cancer gives us the opportunity to apply our intuition to what it is we are reviewing. Our softer sentiment can smooth the edges of what was a very fiery, hot topic, and help us to truly connect our emotions to these situations instead of allowing the pride of the lion to get in the way.

Because of the recent eclipse energies still settling within us, this energy influence from Mercury retrograding in Cancer will allow the download, the shift in energy, to be a bit more calm and peaceful than it was in its harsh and abrupt form while Mercury was in Leo. We still have some integrating to do, and the emotional emergence of Mercury moving back into Cancer will provide a closure to many topics and themes that were triggered back in June when Mercury first moved into Cancer in a direct motion. To refresh your memory on what Mercury moving into Cancer triggered for you, read this post.

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Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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