The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune (X) is the 10th trump card in the Major Arcana. "What goes around comes around" is the very basic message of this card. It's message serves to teach us to be kind at all times, to be loving to all kinds, and that you reap what you sow. If you are bitter, angry, and nasty, you will see that come back to you in your life. If you choose kindness and love, the karmic wheel will deliver to you what you deliver to others. This card asks you to stay positive no matter of the circumstances. It asks you to have faith in yourself and in the Universe. It asks you to trust the process and the path, as it will soon reveal a way of ease. Listen to the signs and symbols the Universe is sending to you to validate that you are in fact on the right path, no matter how dark it may get. There are miracles taking place in the cosmos in your favour, and soon you will receive the goodness you want and deserve.

The challenging aspects of this card, is that you cannot control your current circumstances, and because of that may be struggling to find trust and grounding within yourself. The Wheel Of Fortune does not punish, but rather advises that the situation is out of your control. The best way to deal with the current situation is to completely surrender and release the want, need, and desire, to force an outcome. This message requires time, patience, love, understanding, and total surrender.

The Wheel of Fortune can show a critical turning point in your life. Opportunities you could never imagine are suddenly available to you, and you have the chance to make a significant change in your life. While it may be unexpected and unfamiliar, see this as an invitation to turn things around and take an entirely new direction in your life. The more you tune in to your intuition and allow the Universe to guide you, the better the outcomes will be.

Marlee Henry

Psychic Advisor

The Energy Boutique

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